Palmer Custom Builders built us a beautiful new custom home on our wooded lot in Waxhaw. We began planning in August 2012 and completion date was projected to be mid-June 2013. There were numerous changes to make it exactly what we needed, a custom retirement dream home with adaptations for my handicapped husband. Halls and entries are wider, the garage is at kitchen level, the showers, sinks and toilets are equipped for handicapped persons. It is truly a dream home, easy to maintain, room to entertain our family and friends, and so light and airy. Communications with Gary Palmer went above and beyond all expectations. He promised a completion date and he stuck to it, in spite of unprecedented rain this year. He was working with a new building code which went into effect in January and he had to make some revisions and schedule additional inspections. He still maintained the schedule he had set with me. We lived four hours away but he kept in touch with photos and drawings in between our visits to the site. He planned far ahead so I didn’t have to make a lot of decisions toward the end of the process. As part of the contract he included a wonderful designer who helped me with the design decisions. I love the results as I continue to make decorating choices. My decision to use Palmer Custom Builders was greatly influenced by their extensive website. I replied to several builders and never heard from any of the rest. I heard from Gary Palmer the day after I submitted my online inquiry. That speed and efficiency was his way of working from start to finish and I can’t say enough about the quality and care all of his own staff and his subcontractors showed throughout the project and after our occupancy as we encountered only a few very minor problems. After this experience I consider Gary and Pam Palmer trusted friends. My son was so impressed that he had Gary Palmer do a renovation project at his home a block from ours that turned out beautifully for their family with minimum disruption to their daily lives.

Ardith and Richard R., New custom home
Completed home addition in Charlotte, NC with photo showing the new second floor of the home, extended front porch, and renovated facade.

I’m notoriously frugal and my kitchen looked like something out of Little House on the Prairie. Ok, well maybe not that old, but it was rather outdated and I grew tired of looking at it. Something had to give… either my frugality or the kitchen & the kitchen won. I picked Palmer Custom Builders because out of the few contractors I contacted, Gary Palmer was the only one to get back to me & I never gave it another thought. He’s well-established and employs a group of expert tradesman that really knows their respective crafts. These guys perform quality work – they do the job right the first time or don’t do it until they can. They’re friendly; they clean up, they don’t leave a mess behind, and they’re the best at what they do. Gary won’t try to sell you anything for the sake of making an extra few dollars. He talked me out of more expensive quartz countertops and into granite. His input & opinions were equally valuable as they were educational and he had ideas & suggestions that I never would have considered. I wanted an electrical box in my living room for a ceiling fan & his electrician not only installed the box, but he assembled and installed the fan. Promises are delivered and if there’s something he can’t commit to immediately, he’ll make the time. I can’t remember them all, but Hunter, Will, Dee, Wes, Mike, Josh, Chris, Ron, Jodie — all trustworthy and true professionals. Gary leads the charge. Remember…you get what you pay for.

Marc M., Kitchen renovation

We had a screened porch off the breakfast area. Palmer Custom Builders was able to keep its existing roof, but enclose the rest of the room, so we ended up with an extra fun morning room adjacent to the kitchen and dining area. It has made the house look and feel so much bigger with the added heated square footage. We recently had a Halloween party, and everything just flowed so much better thanks to that great extra space. Our kitchen was also 10 years old, so we had some updating to do to get it up to today’s standards. The cabinets were in poor shape, with all of the white thermofoil peeling off. We added stained wood cabinets, granite counter tops and “debrassed” the fixtures to give it a much more current look. It was great that the Palmers had an interior designer who could guide me through picking the granite, tile backsplash, light fixtures, etc. That was really helpful. They kept things moving the whole time they were working on our project. They established the time frame at the beginning and really were able to keep to it, which is something we really appreciated – especially with two young kids. They were actually finished three weeks before they had promised. We were very happy and impressed with that. They really kept the ball rolling, and everything just fell into place.

Kimber and Trey M., Kitchen, master bath remodel and morning room addition
Interior photo an affordable kitchen renovation that shows updated cabinets, appliances and countertops
I had gone to the Better Business Bureau website and did a search for established builders. A lot of the builders there had only been registered for a couple of months. I was looking for a company that had high ratings and experience. I called several from that list and got some quotes and information from each. I think it was pretty much their responsiveness that made me choose Palmer Custom Builders. They answered all of my questions, were easy to get a hold of, and they posed questions to me, which reassured me that they were on the up and up. I also liked that they were willing to work with me. In order to save some money, I wanted to have them come in and do the bulk of heavy lifting, and I was going to do all of the finish work. They came in, removed a wall, put up new studs and a new beam… Everything turned out how I envisioned it.
Jeff, Removed interior wall to open and modernize living areas

The whole process was very good. Both Pam and Gary are fantastic to work with, very professional and always presented themselves well. One of the main things that I was impressed with was their track record with the crews. They have worked with their crews for so long – and I consider that to be the mark of a great builder – that they made me comfortable with choosing them. I’ve been involved with the building industry and know what to expect when it comes to projects like this – but whenever any minor concern did come up, they went above and beyond what I would expect from a contractor to address the situation.

Gerald H., Kitchen renovation

Thank YOU for your wrap-up letter, which was consistent with your pristine methods in planning and managing the construction of my room addition. The trust factor in the process was BIG for me… from our first phone contact, you inspired trust, which endured and proved justified. Certainty and quality were also biggies, and at each phase of the project, I was impressed by your orderly decision-making, attention to detail, and consideration of my input. As the room took shape, trust grew. The skill of the workers and [the quality of their work was] amazing. They were courteous, polite, considerate, always careful to minimize household disruption, professional, reliable, and they went about their tasks quickly and delivered the quality you promised. Drama freedom was a great comfort! Even though the weather never did cooperate, there was never a day of cloudy human issues or confusion. All of the steps you initially described were handled smoothly and the [Renovation and New Construction Guide] kept me well informed of what to expect in advance. It was all a happy time for me, due to the high quality of integrity and professionalism you consistently exhibited. THANK YOU!… I will also aggressively recommend you to others who have projects in their plans and want the best contractor ever!

Elaine A., Room addition

We moved out to Waxhaw to a property on 11 acres. We have horses, and my husband decided that he wanted to have chickens. We purchased a coop from a man in Pennsylvania, and along with that, we needed an enclosed pen run so that the chickens could come out in the day and still be protected. Palmer Custom Builders put together the run and attached it to the coop. Gary said they had never done anything like that before, but he wasn’t afraid to do it. The house was built in 1987 and needed some updating. The whole inside had to be painted. They finished a three-car detached garage, which is quite large, and finished off the whole upstairs, which now includes an awesome rec room, a full bathroom, a little kitchenette and additional living space. In the main house, a lot of windows were unfinished, there was no trim and that look didn’t fit the price point of the home. So Palmer Custom Builders copied the style that was already there – a more rural-looking flat trim – and trimmed them out to flow with the style of the house. Because of the age and the nature of the home, it needed a lot of electrical work. Gary did a wonderful job of finding things that my husband and I wouldn’t have had a clue to look for and which the inspection report did not pick up on. They have a great personal touch. They spend time really getting to know you, and I just got the feeling that Gary Palmer wouldn’t do anything in this home that he wouldn’t do in his own, and that’s very comforting.

Sharon A., Renovations on existing home and new home (with bonus room and garage finish out)
New sunroom after screened porch to sunroom conversion showing the interior complete with ceiling fans and tile work

I knew I needed to make a few repairs on my home to get it ready to sell. I called Gary, who was referred to me by my landscaper. He did a quick walkthrough, pointed out some issues and suggested that I get a pre-sale inspection done… we then contracted Gary to do the work. It wasn’t a big job – the major portion of it was a palladium window in the great room that had fogged over. It was like that when I bought the house, but in today’s market, you don’t want to put a house on the market that needs any repairs… Gary’s guys were great to deal with. Gary himself came out several times to make sure that the work was being done well, which it was. The painters and carpenters were wonderful. The window guy came out when I wasn’t home. I came back to find that the window had been replaced, painted, looked wonderful and I would have never even known that they were there. We were working on a timeframe, because I wanted the house to be ready to put on the market in two weeks. Gary got everything done, and the house sold in one day. I can’t say that’s the sole reason that the house sold so quickly, but it definitely didn’t hurt that the house was in perfect condition.

Sue M., Repairs on a home she was preparing to sell
Wide lens photo of a major kitchen remodel project showing open concept, large kitchen island and bar, floor to ceiling wine cooler, custom kitchen cabinets, and custom lighting fixtures

We selected Palmer Custom Builders because we saw some of their work on the web and the craftsmanship and integrity was above all. I also appreciated the professionalism that Gary & Pamela brought to the table when they came out to talk to us. They sat at our kitchen table and listened to our ideas and provided great feedback. They genuinely wanted to take the time to go through everything and to make sure that we were aware of all of our options and all of the materials that were available. They really wanted to know what we were envisioning and not just push standard designs or concepts onto us. They redefine the term “custom builder”. They were just as excited about how the addition was going to function and enhance the appeal of the home. We wanted to add something to the house that made it look & feel more like the style of house we always wanted. We look at before and after pictures now and the transformation is amazing!! This gives a reason to stay in this home for years! No need to look anywhere else. They truly delivered!

Josiah W., Front porch addition

I found Palmer Custom Builders with a simple search on the Internet. I came across several websites that looked interesting and professional. When you look at a website, you’re looking at what someone has developed – it’s your first impression of the company. If it is a pleasant experience, you’ll take the next step. When I did that, Gary was the first person to return my call and the only contractor to return my call within 24 hours, which I thought was a very good indication of his professionalism and how the Palmers run their business. I wanted a cook’s kitchen. My old kitchen was not laid out very efficiently and didn’t have the tools I needed to cook the way that I wanted. At the same time, I wanted it to be congruent with the rest of the house – I didn’t want to overspend and end up with a kitchen that didn’t work with the house. The Palmers asked many probing questions in order to identify my needs. I did not sit down and go through 20 magazines pulling out pictures of what I liked. They were knowledgeable and current, telling me things that I never would have seen in a picture or understood unless you’ve been in the business with a lot of experience, such as putting electrical outlets underneath the cabinets so the tile pattern is not broken up. They also kept me up to date with all the latest technology, such as the microwave in the drawer, the warming drawer, and the soft touch doors. How do I like it? My kitchen is absolutely spectacular! It’s so pretty and so functional! I love it!

Marci C., Complete kitchen renovation
Wide lens view of the inside of a custom built kitchen showing the open floor plan, attention to trim detail and natural light

We wanted the ceiling to have some height. When you go into new custom homes and look at their porches, they often have vaulted ceilings, and we wanted to capture that feel. Our house is a ranch and sits on a hill; the roof line on the back is pretty low. Because of that, Gary had to figure out and then engineer a structure that could support the vault. I was really impressed. They really thought outside the box; it wasn’t a simple process. They had to build a whole structure first and then attach the vaulted porch to that. We also had two existing skylights that they had to lift out and then reset. In the process of doing so, they actually discovered that the skylights had been installed wrong initially and discovered a leak in the existing roof. So now they are installed correctly and you can’t even tell that they were taken out. What I like best about Gary is that he doesn’t come in with his own preconceived ideas about a project. He wants to work with you to create what’s important to you. We love living out here because it is very country and rural, and while we wanted the porch to look nice, we also wanted to keep some rustic appeal. Gary had a lot of good ideas to help us achieve that look. Another example is his knowledge of building materials that I would never think of. I mentioned to him that I was hopeful that I could let my three cats out there because I thought they would enjoy it; however one cat likes to scale our screen doors. Gary immediately suggested pet-proof screening. The cost difference was very negligible, and now they can all enjoy it; that’s something I would never have thought possible… We all just really enjoy the space.

Sharon A., New upper screened in porch, grilling area and lower deck
We bought a little bungalow in March 2008 and were planning on renovating it and adding a second story. Once we got into the nitty gritty of everything, as far as the kind of building we wanted, we ran into some zoning issues. Gary Palmer and Bob Porter, the architect he worked with, went above and beyond to work with us in getting the variance with the city squared away. Once that was all settled, there were more issues with the original house. We had initially had inspectors and structural engineers look at the property, but when Gary looked at the nuts and bolts of correcting the existing issues and adding a second level, it became very costly. We then visited the idea of tearing down the existing home and building new, which is what we did. Throughout the whole process, the Palmers were very honest and open about everything. They are great communicators; I never had to wonder about what was going on. We had weekly meetings, and we would talk at least a couple of times during the week, so they were very good about keeping us in the loop. We had never done any kind of major renovation or built a house before, and we really appreciated that they went the extra mile to explain things to us and to give us options. Everyone we talked to before the process said, “You’re going to hate your contractor.” Securing the variance with the City was a long, tedious process — but the part where we were supposed to be dissatisfied with the contractor never came about. You always hear about contractors taking longer than they estimate, but they actually were much shorter. We kept saying that this is not the bad experience that everyone warned us about …It turned out even better than we thought.
Mike and Regina, New custom home
Beautiful bathroom renovations with functional shower modifications for aging clients in the Charlotte area
My priority was that I have a dog, and I wanted to make sure their crews were comfortable working around the dog. After talking to them and the references they gave me, I knew it was a good fit. Once they started, I really did love their crew. They were so good to my dog; one of the guys would give her treats and make sure she had water and let her in and out…. Another thing I liked was that I didn’t have a lot of time to do any shopping, so Pam brought over samples for me to choose from. She had looked over the house and got a feel for the color scheme, so she pretty much knew exactly what I wanted…. I went on vacation for a week while they were working, and when I came home, I had two beautiful bathrooms. It was wonderful. I couldn’t be more thrilled. In fact, we had a picnic out here about a month ago, and I was bringing neighbors over to show them what a difference it made. I still look at those two rooms and think, “Why did I wait to so long to do this?
Karen, Master bath and powder room renovation

When we talked with Gary Palmer initially, what I liked was that no matter what question you asked, Gary not only knew the answer, but he anticipated other things. He’d say things like, “When we remove these cabinets, there will not be hardwood floors underneath, and we’re going to have to refinish the rest of the floor to make these new sections blend in.” Maybe because he is also a builder, he was able to anticipate things that could become issues and address them from the beginning. We also really liked the design Palmer Custom Builders created for our kitchen. They built an island and really opened up the space. Gary convinced us to remove a dropped soffit, and it really has made a huge difference – the kitchen looks 30 percent bigger and much brighter. Gary initially told us our project would probably take 10 weeks, but he might be able to do it in eight; it actually took him about five weeks. But what was most impressive was the way they handled one situation. They had boarded off our kitchen with plastic sheathing because of our cats – to keep them away from the loose wires and open walls. One afternoon, the drywall guys left enough of an opening for the cat to notice that he could get underneath, and he jumped the wooden barrier and got into the kitchen. After I caught him and got him out, I called Gary. It was late in the day, probably about 4:30 p.m., but within 30 minutes, he had two guys at our house. They extended the barrier in such a way that they could work on the walls without ever having to take the barrier back down. For them to respond to our concern that quickly, that late in the day, and have figured out a plan while they were driving here, because they knew exactly what they were going to do by the time they got here; that was really when I knew that we had picked the right people to work on our home.

Alan and Helen B., Kitchen remodel and home repairs

I started off wanting to have my kitchen and bathroom redone. My house was built in 1959, and the bathroom was really tiny. I also had a list of about 60 items that I wanted to have fixed…when you have an older house, there are lots of things that need work. I found Gary Palmer on the web initially. After I learned about him and his qualifications, I wanted to meet them and see their office in person and make sure that everything was as it should be. What I really appreciated was that when we first started looking at what needed to be done, Gary brought everyone together. I have a good sized driveway , but we had so many people come to look and see and decide what needed to be done that there were pickup trucks all the way down my driveway and around the block. Everyone came at once… the demolition people, the flooring guys, the air conditioning company, the painter, the plumber, and of course, Gary himself. Everyone was here on that one day to look at the house, talk with Gary and then explain to me what needed to happen. I thought that was pretty amazing that he was able to bring that many professionals together in one place at one time – to make all those schedules work. They had talked about how they were able to coordinate, but this really demonstrated how this company could bring it all together. It was really nice to have everyone who would be involved in the project there to look at the house and tell me what needed to happen for everything to come together. The house is so very nice now. They’ve brought everything up to date, and the difference between before and after is so drastic and so dramatic.

Jill R., Kitchen and master bath renovation and extensive home repairs
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