Using technology

Providing our client’s a bird’s eye view by leveraging drone real estate photography.

At Palmer Custom Builders, we pride ourselves on staying on the forefront of practical technology that benefits our homeowners. That commitment is evident in the products we recommend and the methods we use.

It is also demonstrated in our pledge to regularly communicate with our clients in the manner you prefer – whether that’s email, text, phone calls or face-to-face. To keep you informed of where we are in the process – and to provide a lasting record of your project – we invest in HDR digital photography and Drone Real Estate Photography utilizing a high-end DJI Mavic Pro.

On the front end of an addition, new construction or repair project, drone real estate photography allows us to quickly and effectively diagnosis issues in difficult to access exterior places. Once construction is underway, it allows us to monitor progress, ensuring the quality of every step and sharing a unique visual perspective with you. At completion, you’ll have a unique photographic record of your project for insurance needs and future reference.