Just like the NFL games that have us swept up in the rush of playoff excitement, Charlotte home remodeling is a team effort.

Just like the NFL games that have us swept up in the rush of playoff excitement, Charlotte home remodeling is a team effort. As the “owner” in your project, who is – or should be – the very first professional you hire for your remodeling or renovation team? When you’re talking football, it’s typically a qualified and experienced head coach with a winning track record. When it comes to the pro you entrust with remodeling your family’s home, that position should be filled by a qualified, licensed, professional remodeling contractor.

Just as the coach (along with a general manager and support staff) will then make decisions about players who will fill key roles, your contractor will come into your project with a team of skilled role players who bring a level of expertise to your project – whether they are electricians, plumbers, drywallers, carpenters, HVAC technicians and more.

How do these skilled professionals come together in your home remodeling project? Just as in a football team, the owner (that’s you!) will have to make some critical decisions – about budget, overall goals, fixtures, finishes and more. That applies to both the big picture goals and to some of the details that will make a huge difference in the way your project looks and feels.

This concerted effort is essential to a successful project. But just like an NFL team owner, on some things, you should take a step back and allow your coach to make the decisions for which he or she has trained. Handling those day-to-day site operations are what a team owner trusts his coaching staff to do, and it’s what clients should entrust their remodeler to do as well. While we appreciate involved owners (and think the process goes much more smoothly when they are engaged!) owners who try to call every play can stall a drive.

In a real-life remodeling project, this most often happens when an owner tries to interject in details that are being completed by subcontractors. It’s completely understandable! Let’s face it, remodeling, like a playbook, can look confusing when you are in the middle of it. There are pieces that can seem like a fumble until they are complete. (For example, you may question why a carpenter added crown but didn’t install base molding, not realizing that he is waiting for flooring to be completed before he does so.) There are myriad of small details that can appear puzzling unless you have a firm grasp of the larger picture and a complete grasp of the construction process.

That’s where trust comes into play. If your remodeling contractor must invest an inordinate amount of time educating you about nuances of the construction process, that is time they are not spending on your jobsite. There is, of course, a proper balance, and it’s one that we strike with our clients – because we want to educate them about the process without bogging them down with the minutia.