Here’s a list we checked twice of what to buy after the holidays to make the 2020 holiday season easier.

While many of us wait until the last possible minute to do our Christmas shopping, and love to shop online to avoid the holiday rush, braving the stores AFTER Christmas can pay big dividends for Charlotte homeowners – and help you stock up Santa for next year. Here’s a list we checked twice of what to buy after the holidays to make the 2020 holiday season easier.

Light a fire.

Avoid the last-minute rush for secret Santa gifts (and make your home smell amazing ahead of the 2020 holidays) by stocking up on scented candles. Opt for candles made from natural ingredients with cotton wicks and the scent should easily last through next year. Of course, you can still enjoy them in your home long after the tree comes down to keep that holiday spirit burning bright.

Plan for guests.

If you had guests over during the holidays and wished that you could have made the guest bedroom and bath feel more festive, now is your chance to change it. Holiday towels, sheets, blankets, pillows and more will be deeply discounted in the days ahead. Just pick a color scheme and stock up.

Set the table.

Holiday dinnerware and table linens are a steal after the holidays, which makes it a perfect time to fill in any items you wished you had as you were entertaining. Often overlooked necessities like barware usually go on sale after the holidays as well, since stores stock up on them in anticipation of increased holiday sales.

Gifting made easy.

Many of the essentials you need and want for yourself and your home come in holiday gift sets – from cleaning supplies to toiletries and everything in between. Grab some after the holidays to rake in substantial savings. Depending on what they are, you might be able to stockpile some secret Santa gifts for next year as well.

Wrap it up.

Without a doubt, the days after the holidays are the perfect time to grab deals on everything you need to wrap up next year’s gifts beautifully – as long as you have space to store it. Consider plastic containers designed for wrapping paper (or those extra-long under-the-bed storage boxes) to protect everything from ribbons to bows and tuck them out of sight until next year.

Write a note.

Cards and holiday stationary are a steal after the holidays, and they never go out of style. Grab them at a deep discount and make life easier next year by making a list of everyone who sent you cards this year (with addresses) and tucking it away in the card box. That will save you countless hours of tracking folks down and the embarrassment of forgetting distant relatives you might not normally converse with during the year.

With just a little planning now, you can make next year’s holidays more festive – and less stressful!