Project Description

This is a wonderful example of how no space is too small for a huge change. Typically, kitchens in condominiums are small, confined spaces. This condo on Queens Road was no exception.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • We wanted to update this space and make it more functional for the homeowner.
  • One of the challenges of working in an urban condo is working around the daily needs of the homeowner as well as the concerns of neighbors and parking restrictions.


  • Fortunately, since this was a small condo with limited room to maneuver, the homeowner was able to move out to her sister’s while this project was taking place. This enabled us to work quickly and efficiently without having to set up temporary cooking facilities for the homeowner.
  • We began by removing the outdated oak cabinets, appliances and existing four layers of wallpaper, stripping the kitchen down to the walls.
  • In place of existing inadequate, oak cabinets, we added modern white, Shaker Style cabinets and extended them up to the ceiling. This opened the room up visually while increasing storage space. What was an awkward bump out now houses a functional piece of built-in cabinetry that adds even more storage space.
  • New stainless steel appliances are more functional, efficient and beautiful.
  • Granite countertops and a tile backsplash are low-maintenance, practical additions.
  • In place of two inefficient mushroom lights, we added functional recessed lights and task lighting to ease daily chores.
  • We effectively worked around the schedules of neighbors and while our team navigated cramped parking facilities with their construction vehicles.
  • This was much-needed remodeling project gives the condo an updated feel and took just seven short weeks to complete.