Project Description

These homeowners purchased a short sale house that had been vacant for several years. They called us in to carry out needed repairs and cosmetic changes.

Home repair goals and challenges

  • Oftentimes, short sale homes have issues that might not be apparent on the surface. We wanted to conduct needed repairs and ensure that the home was safe for its new owners.


  • Since the home sat vacant for a number of years, it had many minor issues that stemmed from neglect, water damage, and simple lack of use.
  • We refinished hardwood floors that had sustained moisture damage.
  • We removed neglected planters from the stucco exterior, repaired damaged stucco and refinished the beadboard porch ceiling to bring it back to its former glory.
  • Since the bathrooms had not been used, caulking and seals in the tubs and showers had dried and cracked; we removed the old materials and replaced it with new, more efficient sealants.
  • Wood steps leading into the media room had never been trimmed out, so we custom made flexible trim to match the existing woodwork.
  • In the course of our review, we discovered some squirrel damage in the attic. Squirrels had eaten the casing off several electrical wires that led to the exterior spotlights, leaving the wires exposed. Fortunately, no one had turned these lights on in the past few years, because they would have posed a serious fire hazard if they did. We repaired the wiring and prevented the squirrels from getting back inside.
  • In the kitchen, we refinished several cabinet doors that had sustained water damage.
  • We updated lighting fixtures throughout the home as needed, and patched and repainted all interior walls and ceilings.
  • A simple but major change happened in the master closet, where we replaced an outdated fluorescent fixture with new recessed canned lights. Now the homeowners, both of whom had medical issues, can clearly see in their master closet.
  • In all, we went through quite a laundry list of repairs – mainly cosmetic, but some that would have caused damage if left unaddressed. Whenever you are dealing with a home that has been left unattended for any amount of time, it’s prudent to call in a licensed, professional remodeler who will take the time to ensure that repairs are done correctly, needed upgrades are made, and that no serious underlying issues are present.
They sat at our kitchen table and listened to our ideas and provided great feedback. They genuinely wanted to take the time to go through everything and to make sure that we were aware of all of our options and all of the materials that were available. They really wanted to know what we were envisioning and not just push standard designs or concepts onto us.
Josiah Wallace, Front porch addition
The house looks completely different on the outside. More vibrant, improved exterior and interior. Neighbors notice the change and compliment the work. Driving up to it feels better since the house looks so much better…I’d absolutely recommend PCB.
M. Melendez, Exterior renovations
We would definitely recommend Palmer Custom Builders. The work was done quickly, efficiently, and completed to my expectations. All the workers who came into my home were polite, kept my house as clean as possible, and were very particular with the work they performed.
D. Pitsos, Shower renovation
Once our project got started, work progressed efficiently and quality and workmanship were outstanding. Most importantly, communication was excellent throughout the project. We would highly recommend Palmer Custom Builders and plan to use them again for our next project.
B. Imseis, Master bathroom remodel
We were so satisfied with Gary’s work on our kitchen remodel, we knew we could trust him with a large renovation project. We’ve been very happy with the quality of work and the attention to detail.
Tate, Dramatic addition, See photos of this project
Thank you for your fine efforts in our recent project to upgrade and repair the exterior of our home. At 20 years old, several problems had developed, which required much creativity and a broad array of trades and skills to complete the tasks at hand. Everything has been completed to our total satisfaction.
David and Tina Boyuka, Structural repairs