Project Description

These homeowners wanted to remodel their kitchen and had already finished some of the work. They needed some help to complete the project and some professional advice to make the remodel they began function well for them.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • The homeowner is an illustrative artist, so we wanted to bring some of his talent and personality into the project.
  • The kitchen area was on the small side, so we wanted to find some space to borrow to increase its functionality and livability.


  • Since the homeowners had a covered porch adjacent to the kitchen, with a roof already in place, we suggested removing the wall and finishing that space, which allowed us to expand the kitchen by another 11 feet. This extended the kitchen to make it more functional and added heated square footage to the home.
  • We added new cabinets in the kitchen and then added a tile wall to showcase the owner’s artistry.
  • Although the home was only about 10 years old, we uncovered a serious foundation issue. When we enclosed the area under roof in the covered porch, we had to cut the porch loose from the foundation. Previous contractors had used some type of steel to support the brick. Unfortunately, the steel they used looked as if it was scrap steel. As a result, it started to rust and expand, lifting the brick veneer. We reattached the porch to the foundation correctly and re-bricked it. We then had to replace the crawl space ventilation lentils around the entire house with the proper steel support.
  • To create more of a true living space elsewhere in the house, we closed in a wall between the family room and living room and removed an existing gas-burning fireplace and surrounding bookcases to update the space.
  • As part of the project, we remodeled the master bathroom to bring that area in line with the fit and finishes in the rest of the home.