Project Description

This family had a common dilemma; they wanted to upfit their dated kitchen without going through what they envisioned would be an extensive and expensive renovation process.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • The owners of this condo wanted a new kitchen with updated, functional appliances and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, but they wanted to do it on a limited budget and in a condensed timeframe.
  • Adding to the challenge was the fact that they did not want their kitchen to be down for an extended period of time, since health issues made it difficult for them to eat out on a regular basis.


  • We developed a workable plan to create a beautiful and functional space in a minimal amount of time. To save both time and money, we retained the existing cabinets, which were in good shape both physically and aesthetically. We installed a new range and disposal and replaced dated and damaged countertops with a striking new granite surface. The white sink and passé faucet were replaced with a new deeper undermount stainless steel sink paired with a graceful, high-arch faucet. Undercounter task lighting was dramatically enhanced to create a welcoming ambiance that’s ideally suited to food preparation.
  • By carefully coordinating what was happening on each day, we were able to keep the kitchen operational throughout the majority of the project; it was down for a total of less than 4 days.

Project Duration

  • We were able to complete this project on time in an astonishing two weeks, which included all the templating and fabrication of the new granite countertops

These homeowners are happy with their functional and beautiful new kitchen. As occasionally can happen, an issue surfaced after construction was complete that has since been rectified. Even though the final sink hook-up was tested properly and worked fine, after several uses of the dishwasher and several times draining sudsy water from the sink, water started to bubble back through one of the sink drains. We learned after the fact that the other condos had experienced this issue and a plumber previously had installed a baffle in the drainpipe to prevent suds backup (which was merely a temporary fix). This was a pre-existing condition since the pipe coming out of the wall was originally installed too high. We cut into the existing cabinet back and wall and cut the plumbing stub out pipe coming out of the wall to lower the original elbow height.  It is also possible that the drainpipe buried in the slab connecting this residence to the other units is either undersized or partially clogged, since the units are over 30 years old.  These existing issues were compounded by the new, deeper undermount sink and a new disposal, both of which caused the finished disposal drain pipe to be lower than the original disposal outlet pipe (and thus, there was not enough pitch to properly drain from the stubbed out wall drain pipe). The modifications rectified the situation and the homeowners will be enjoying their new kitchen for years to come.