You don’t need unlimited space (or an endless budget) to build the wine room addition of your dreams into your next Charlotte home remodeling project.

When you think of a wine cellar, you might be envisioning something along the lines of what you’d find at Biltmore. The good news is that you don’t need unlimited space (or an endless budget) to build the wine room of your dreams into your next Charlotte home remodeling project. You just need a qualified professional remodeler with a little creativity and a passion for building what your family envisions.

The first step is finding some space, which might be easier than you think. We have seen homeowners carve wine rooms into spaces that had previously been pantries, coat closets, office alcoves, breakfast rooms or sitting areas. You can even carve a small, angled space into the area underneath a staircase or bump out a section of your kitchen into an adjacent garage without losing much space in either area.

Ideally, you’ll want to locate your wine cellar away from direct sunlight and in the coolest and most humid part of your home, which will help to reduce the utility costs you’ll incur to keep the room cool and moist. (A typical wine cellar maintains its temperature at about 55°-58° F and its humidity level at about 55-75%.) That’s why many folks opt to place a wine cellar in a basement or garage area.

Your professional remodeler can ensure that the walls, ceiling and flooring materials (as well as those behind these finished surfaces) are built to endure the humidity they will encounter. Next, you’ll need a self-contained cooling unit that’s designed for the conditions you’ll want to maintain in your wine room as well as the ductwork to support it. Finally, you’ll want to seal the space off from the rest of your home (where temperature and humidity levels will be very different) with an exterior grade door. Glass doors that allow you to see into the space are a popular option, just be certain they are thermal paned glass to maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels.

When it comes to what goes inside the space, there are myriad options. Rack systems are readily available in virtually any species of wood you can envision, as well as more contemporary metal designs. Consider building in a small shelf or table to allow you to easily unpack new acquisitions and examine your collection. Finally, add some dramatic and task lighting to create the right mood and to make it easy to access your collection.

If space is incredibly tight, don’t fret. You can still build in wine storage with a residential wine refrigerator. These commercially available appliances hold anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred bottles and tuck into your kitchen, offering unparalleled design flexibility. No matter what type of wine room you envision, a qualified professional remodeler can have you toasting the special occasions (and everyday events) in style.