A professional can help you make the most of your investment in your home by helping you select timeless products, instead of fleeting home trends.

Whether you are building a new custom home from the ground up or remodeling your existing home, there’s a natural desire to include all the latest bells and whistles. That might mean cutting-edge smart home technology, the funkiest new flooring material or a quirky appliance color. Yet while these latest trends may look absolutely stunning in magazine photos or Pinterest pins, how does the average homeowner know if they will actually work – and endure – in their own home?

Answering that question is where we believe that homeowners should rely on the experience of the professionals they have hired – whether that’s a qualified, professional remodeler, an experienced new home builder or the design professionals they recommend.

Why? Because how a product or material actually will stand up over time and how it works in real life can be far different from how it appears on paper or digitally. A professional can help you make the most of your investment in your home by helping you select timeless products that will function and endure.

What are some examples of trends that may not have been as essential as home owners originally thought? Kitchen pot fillers, for one. These faucets placed above a cooktop were supposed to ease the chore of filling and carrying large stock or pasta pots. They were costly to install because doing so involved running a new plumbing line, investing in a specialized fixture and integrating it into a backsplash design. Yet they just weren’t practical for everyone; some homeowners found they didn’t use them enough to justify the expense or living with the large faucets day in and day out. Plus, when it came time to drain the pasta, they still had to carry a heavy pot to the sink. Appliance garages are another example. On paper it looks like a wonderful idea to have a dedicated place on your counter to tuck away unused appliances. In reality, it robs you of prime counter space you could be using everyday to store rarely used appliances that you could just as easily stow out of sight on a pullout shelf or pantry.

What about something more substantial? Consider desks built into kitchens that became obsolete with the advent of iPads and now just serve as a cluttered catch all for papers. There are high-end appliances in flashy colors that soon might look as dated as avocado and goldenrod did at the end of the 70s. And don’t even get us started on old school media rooms from the 1990s.

As a homeowner, it’s not your job to know which trends are likely to endure and which are destined to be dated. But it is the job of the professionals you hire. Since we’ve seen so many trends come and go, we have insights about the type of improvements that are likely to last. We can tell a young and growing family that while marble countertops might look gorgeous in a magazine, they are not likely to stand up to daily family use. We can then suggest some of the new, more durable quartz finishes that beautifully mimic the look of marble without its maintenance issues.

Ultimately, that’s where professionals really shine; we can help you get the look you desire but in materials and designs that will work for real life and will be designed to last – which is what investing in your family home should be all about.