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Remodeling and New Construction With No Regrets:

How to Avoid the Most Common and Frustrating Mistakes
Homeowners Make


We’re so passionate about helping you avoid regrets in remodeling, additions and new custom home projects that we wrote the book on it!

While regrets are all too common in our day-to-day lives, you definitely don’t want to have any regrets in your next remodeling project or your new custom-built home. Why? Because those regrets are far too costly both in terms of financial impact and the price of living with a poor choice for years to come.

As qualified professional contractors with more than three decades of experience, we’ve heard from countless satisfied customers who have done things the correct way. Sadly, we’ve also had to correct the things that someone else didn’t do, did incorrectly, or shouldn’t have done.

Since we can’t help everyone in person — as much as we would like to — we wrote this book.

In these pages you’ll find the biggest mistakes we’ve seen homeowners make over the years:

  • Hiring the wrong contractor
  • Ignoring their budget or their dreams
  • Not designing the home they actually want
  • Moving when they could have remodeled
  • Sabotaging their project due to financial miscalculations

It is our hope that this book will help you learn from these experiences and use them to systematically eliminate the chance of regrets cropping up in your remodeling or custom home project.

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