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Gain square footage by looking up

If your Charlotte home was built in the 1990s, you probably have a soaring two-story living room. While these spaces feel open, they actually are robbing your family of several precious resources – space, money, privacy and sound control. The expense comes from excessive energy bills spent to heat and cool these inefficiently designed rooms, while the lost space and privacy comes from what you could be doing with that missing second-floor square footage. Fortunately, an experienced professional remodeler can “floor over” these spaces to create an extra bedroom, bonus room, home office, or whatever your family’s needs require.

Foyer Conversions

The sky is NOT a limit with foyer conversions

Much like two-story living rooms, soaring two-story foyers were all the rage in 1990s architecture. Their impressive dimensions are wonderful for visually opening up entryways, but there’s no denying that these spaces also excel at wasting space and increasing heating and cooling bills. As more families in Charlotte look for homes that are designed smarter, foyer conversions have become a popular option to recapture this lost square footage.

What kinds of spaces can you create with a foyer conversion?

  • Homework areas for kids
  • Private reading nooks and libraries
  • Perfectly proportioned hobby areas and craft rooms
  • Second-floor laundry rooms
  • And more!


In construction picture of the new room and space offered by the foyer conversion


Foyer conversion – after
living room and foyer after floor over

Reclaim wasted space with the help of a licensed professional remodeler

Create new usable living space to meet your family’s needs with the help of a licensed professional remodeler. Our design-build team has extensive experience with two-story living room and two-story foyer conversions, closing in open spaces, entryway renovations and more. Whether it’s an expanded primary bedroom suite, sound-proofed home office, playroom and study area for children, game room or luxurious guest suite, our team can help you turn the wasted space above your foyer or living room into a beautiful, functional space that adds value and joy to your home.

Where Does A Floor Over or
Foyer Conversion Make Sense?

A practical choice for Charlotte neighborhoods!

In many Charlotte neighborhoods, you might not have the space to build out (not to mention that added cost of a true, ground-up addition). A floor over allows you to add usable space within your existing footprint – and improves your home’s resale value! Floor overs and foyer conversions are solid remodeling options in neighborhoods such as Ballantyne, Piper Glen, Providence Plantation, Providence Country Club, Providence Downs South, and many more Charlotte-area neighborhoods.

Floor overs and foyer conversions
offer outstanding value

These floor over-style remodeling projects not only increase your usable living space – they also make your home more enjoyable!

Living room floor overs are complex remodeling projects that require proper engineering, possible HVAC restructuring and exterior or window adjustments to bring the new space up to code. Since two-story foyers typically have beautiful windows already in place, the exterior can usually remain intact while foyer conversion is underway. Inside, structural bracing is used to place floors where none previously existed and to regain lost ground for the homeowners. To ensure your project flows smoothly no matter how complex, work with a design-build professional experienced in engineering and designing these types of projects to work with your existing floor plan. The end result will be far less costly than building an addition from scratch and will give you the space and functionality to help you remain in your existing home.

Licensed Professional Remodeler

Rely on a qualified professional

There’s nothing simple or straightforward about a two-story living room or foyer conversion. Ensuring that the existing structure can support the weight of the new floored area, adequately bracing the new space and connecting it to properly sized HVAC systems are a small part of the challenge. To ensure that the new space flows with the existing, new traffic patterns must be established, which sometimes entail borrowing space from adjacent rooms or redirecting hallways to ensure proper flow.

In the end, your new space will be well worth the effort when you work with a qualified professional who is accustomed to working through these types of remodeling challenges.

An experienced professional remodeler like Palmer Custom Builders can ensure that every detail comes together seamlessly in your floor over project.

Carson L.'s Floor Over Remodel

“Gary completed a project on our home in the spring of 2022. It was a two-story living room “floor-over” (a term he has coined). The project created 400 sq. ft. using the open space in our two-story living room. We interviewed a couple general contractors, and both were hesitant to take on the job. I stumbled upon Gary by searching two-story enclosures on Google. I looked him up on LinkedIn, perused his site, had a phone conversation with him and ultimately met him at the home. In true general contractor fashion, Gary said all the right things and had all the answers.

The difference is, Gary followed through on 100% of everything outlined in the project plan agreement. His crews were/are first class. They were extremely careful and protective of our existing floors and surrounding areas. They cleaned up each day, worked quick and their final product was incredible. I know Gary worked hard behind the scenes to ensure the project moved as expected. I have high expectations of professional jobs and Gary’s company surpassed all expectations. In this day and age, that can be few and far between. We trusted Gary from the beginning, and we greatly appreciated his honesty and accountability. We are truly blessed that we entrusted Gary with our project. It’s made a wonderful additional to our family’s home.”

Floor Over Remodeling Idea Gallery

downstairs family room after floor over
Two-story family room conversion
Final after picture of the new room above the foyer

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