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Matthews and Mint Hill are close together, both in proximity and in feel. Mint Hill offers a small town suburban atmosphere surrounded by parks, walking trails and nature preserves. Next door, Matthews is a quaint town with a charming downtown area that spans two counties, Union and Mecklenburg. The Union County side of the town offers more land per homesite and lower taxes, while the Mecklenburg side offers a quicker commute and a county location with homes that are priced a bit lower than other Charlotte suburbs. While charming, the older homes in these small towns often have dated floorplans that need to be brought up to current standards of style and function. That’s why so many homeowners trust Palmer Custom Builders to ensure that their Matthews/Mint Hill home remodeling or new home construction project fulfills their dreams!

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Matthews/Mint Hill Kitchen Remodeling

Small town life is centered on family living – and the kitchen is the very heart of family life. Since home prices in both Matthews and Mint Hill are escalating, it makes financial sense to invest in kitchen remodeling projects. Styles and appliances that were in vogue just a few years ago are now obsolete, thanks to emerging technologies and new materials. Plus, as more people work from home, having a kitchen that functions for the way you live in your home is a tremendous motivation. Be certain, however, that you work with a contractor who specializes in custom kitchen remodeling in Matthews and Mint Hill to make sure that the materials and technology you are building are in sync with the surrounding homes.

Matthews/Mint Hill Primary Bathroom Remodeling

One of the main spaces that give owners the most remodeling satisfaction are primary bathrooms. These rooms serve as a sanctuary from the outside world. They also add to your property value, since they are some of the first rooms that buyers consider. Older finishes and fixtures in this space tend to date a home’s overall appearance and functionality. As property values in Mint Hill and Matthews continue to escalate, many homeowners are strategically investing in their existing residences with primary bathroom remodeling projects.

Matthews/Mint Hill Home Remodeling

Once they become accustomed to the charming small-town feel and proximity to Charlotte, residents who purchase homes in Matthews/Mint Hill seldom want to move away. However, many of the existing homes in these areas were built when boxy floorplans were the norm, traffic flow was an afterthought, and technology wasn’t even on the horizon. Because of the desirability of the area and the relative scarcity of new homes, remodeling is much more cost-effective than building a new home. When the time is right, trust your home remodeling project to a qualified, professional remodeler who has the passion, integrity and experience to guide you through this process.

At Palmer Customer Builders, we are proud to bring our 35-plus years of experience to bear as we handle all of your Charlotte home remodeling needs on time and on budget, such as:

  • Foyer conversion
  • Floor over a two-story family room
  • Bonus rooms

Matthews/Mint Hill Home Additions

Do you need more space, but you are simply in love with everything that life in Matthews/Mint Hill has to offer — like recreational amenities for families, exceptional schools, and the suburban feel? If so, don’t even consider a move – opt for a home addition! Creative home additions can give you the extra square footage you need to transform your existing residence into your family’s ideal home. At Palmer Customer Builders, we take care to ensure that your home addition blends seamlessly with the existing style of your Matthews / Mint Hill home. We take that same approach inside, where we ensure that the new space not only gives you the space you need, but functions well and flows with the other areas of your home. Visit our Idea Gallery to learn how we can expand living space with porch, garage or two-story projects that meld the old with the new in Matthews/Mint Hill home addition projects.

Common home additions:

  • Sunroom addition
  • Porch addition
  • Guest and mother-in-law suite
  • Second-story addition
  • Two-story addition
  • Outdoor living space
  • Garage addition
  • Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Matthews/Mint Hill Home Renovations

Do you love your space but just need some updates? Is it time to switch out fixtures and furnishings in a bath but still love the layout? What about your kitchen? When it’s time to make a change, choosing an experienced Matthews/Mint Hill home renovation contractor will ensure that things are done right the first time. And that’s important since Matthews/Mint Hill’s high home values dictate that you take care to keep your home up-to-date with surrounding properties. Qualified home renovation professionals can not only recommend the best products and processes for your situation, they also have the foresight to recognize what may be going on behind your walls and the experience to handle any issues that may arise once construction begins.

Matthews/Mint Hill Custom Homes

Matthews and Mint Hill are idyllic small towns conveniently located near Charlotte. If you are fortunate enough to have secured the perfect lot in this desirable area, make sure that you work with a custom home builder who has the experience needed to build your family’s home with no regrets. No matter what type of home you can imagine — from a timeless Georgian to an industrial farmhouse or contemporary classic — Palmer Custom Builders can create the custom home of your dreams in Matthews or Mint Hill! You can rest assured that your home will be built by a firm with high-quality standards and a 35-year history of bringing visions to life — on time and on budget.

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