Project Description

Two-story foyer conversion

Like so many homes built in the past few decades, one local family’s residence boasted an elegant two-story foyer. While the space was impressive, this family had a far more pressing need for a quiet area where their children could comfortably focus on their homework. A two story foyer conversion was the perfect solution for this young family.

Foyer conversion challenges goals and challenges

  • Since this new space was envisioned as both a study area and a place where children gathered, we wanted it to be quiet for the kids who were studying there as well as for the rest of the family when they had guests in other areas of the home.
  • Since the front entry is a key traffic area and focal point of the home, we wanted to minimize any disruption the family would experience.
  • We wanted to maintain the home’s aesthetic continuity.

Remodeling solution

  • After considering their options, the family opted for a home addition, enclosing the second floor of the open two-story foyer to create a new 12’ x 14’ room – for a total of 168 square feet of additional heated and cooled space.
  • Because of the soaring two-story foyer height, we had enough clearance in the space to preserve the ceiling height of 10’ downstairs and 9’ upstairs. The existing windows lined up beautifully with the new flooring and walls, so we did not have to remove and replace windows from the front of the home, thus minimizing down time and cost. However, to meet current Building Code requirements, we added child protective window stops.
  • We created a new angle on the staircase off the landing and structurally tied the new flooring system into the home’s framing. We reworked the handrail for both safety and aesthetics.
  • In the room itself, we added a solid wall for privacy. We then took the extra step of insulating the floor, so the children would have a quiet study area and guests would be sheltered from any noise. The new addition has created a natural sound barrier that reduces the flow of noise throughout the rest of the home.
  • In place of the existing ceiling fixture, we installed recessed can lights that provided attractive and functional lighting.
  • To maintain the elegant look and feel of the existing entry, we added crown molding throughout the new first floor ceiling that matches the existing trim.

The result is a beautiful new room where the children can comfortably do their homework and where their parents can easily and safely monitor what they are doing.

They sat at our kitchen table and listened to our ideas and provided great feedback. They genuinely wanted to take the time to go through everything and to make sure that we were aware of all of our options and all of the materials that were available. They really wanted to know what we were envisioning and not just push standard designs or concepts onto us.
Josiah Wallace, Front porch addition
The house looks completely different on the outside. More vibrant, improved exterior and interior. Neighbors notice the change and compliment the work. Driving up to it feels better since the house looks so much better…I’d absolutely recommend PCB.
M. Melendez, Exterior renovations
We would definitely recommend Palmer Custom Builders. The work was done quickly, efficiently, and completed to my expectations. All the workers who came into my home were polite, kept my house as clean as possible, and were very particular with the work they performed.
D. Pitsos, Shower renovation
Once our project got started, work progressed efficiently and quality and workmanship were outstanding. Most importantly, communication was excellent throughout the project. We would highly recommend Palmer Custom Builders and plan to use them again for our next project.
B. Imseis, Master bathroom remodel
We were so satisfied with Gary’s work on our kitchen remodel, we knew we could trust him with a large renovation project. We’ve been very happy with the quality of work and the attention to detail.
Tate, Dramatic addition, See photos of this project
The best part of working with Palmer Custom Builders was that they had total control of the job. That was very important to us, since we both work, leave early in the morning, and don’t come home until early evening. It was important to us to know that everything was being handled. If they had any questions, they had them ready for us early in the morning, so that we could answer them. That kind of coordination is sometimes hard for contractors to do on a long-term project, but they managed it well.
Janet Lundberg, Screened porch addition
I would recommend Gary Palmer and Palmer Custom Builders to anyone! I found him on the web when looking specifically for NARI certified remodelers. When I spoke with him and described what we wanted, I immediately felt comfortable with him. His crews are great guys and very pleasant to work with. They come in, clean up after themselves and even offered to vacuum. I never felt any compunction about having them in our home or leaving them alone in our home when they were doing work. We are very happy with the results!
Joan Everett