Here are just a few reasons why our clients have decided that a new construction home is the right choice for them.

As Charlotte residents, we are blessed to live in an area with many beautiful housing options. There are historic cottages in Dilworth, stately manors in South Charlotte, luxury lakefront houses up north, big city lofts in Uptown and just about everything you can imagine in between. You may ask: With so many varied options, why would anyone consider building a new home? The answers may surprise you. Here are just a few reasons why our clients have decided that a new custom home is the right choice for them.

Everything is new!

While it seems to go without saying, everything in a new custom home is brand new – from fun pieces like lighting fixtures to big-ticket items such as HVAC systems, down to minute details like window weather stripping. Over time, each of these things requires maintenance and upkeep. When you buy an existing home, you are purchasing everything in it ‘as is.’ Remember, even if they were kept in tip-top shape by previous homeowners, each and every single thing in your home has a finite lifespan and eventually will need to replaced.

Modern design.

Homes today are designed totally differently than those built a decade ago – let alone 20, 30, 40 or 50 more years ago. Think about it: 10 years ago, bigger and more opulent was better. Homes had huge media rooms, gracious formal dining rooms, and massive kitchens that looked great but lacked storage. Today, we’re packing more features into less space through open floor plans, multifunctional spaces and intelligent design. When you buy an older home, you may be paying for wasted space and designs that just don’t work.

On the cutting edge.

Technology has gone through some dramatic changes in the past few years. (Think of all those recessed TV niches now obsolete due to flat screen TVs, hardwired computer lines in every room no longer needed due thanks to WIFI, and massive projector TVs in media rooms that themselves are out of date.) If you want to ensure that your home has the connectivity your family needs today – and in the future – starting with yesterday’s technology is always challenging.

Completely custom.

Many people think the real beauty of building new is that you get to pick every single aspect of your home – from its overall design to every fixture and finish. Building new means you never have to settle for tile that’s just OK, cabinets that don’t fit your style or awkward design choices that you have to live with.

It’s DONE!

If you’re a fan of DIY, a home remodel project might be for you. However, if you want to move in and enjoy your home from day one – or if decorating your home is enough of a project in and of itself – seriously consider a new home where everything is done for you by the builder and their team of experts.

It’s financially sound.

In many cases, the cost of purchasing an existing home and remodeling it to fit your needs may prove to be more expensive than you first think. A professional remodeler can help you put a realistic price to your dreams and make some very educated guesses about what you are likely to encounter in the remodeling process. However, you never really know what’s lurking behind the walls until you begin demolition. (Because you never know whether the previous homeowners tried to tackle projects themselves or whether the contractors they hired did things by the book or cut corners.) Likewise in some highly desirable neighborhoods, you may be paying more per square foot than you would for new construction because home prices have been driven upward by demand.

If you think new construction might be the right choice for your family, call us today to talk about your options.