Attic conversion – Planning for a second phase

This family clearly understood that sometimes, you have to phase in a major remodeling project. In the next year, they plan to dramatically expand their existing master bathroom. The first phase of that project involved converting unused attic space above their two-car garage into an expansive master closet.

Attic conversion goals and challenges

  • We wanted to create bright and light-filled space that would be a worthy addition to this family’s expansive master suite plans.
  • The attic space was framed with trusses, which meant that any cuts in the framework would damage the structural integrity of the existing roofing system.

Remodeling solutions

  • We worked with a structural engineer to design a framing system that would allow us to cut into the trusses by adding side framing that preserved the structural integrity of the roof.
  • We then built up the floor system, squared the walls, and sheet rocked the space to create an open and gracious master closet.
  • We took a small 2’ x 4’ attic access door and converted it into a cased opening into the homeowners’ existing master closet in preparation for the changes that will be coming in Phase Two of this project.
  • We converted what was a small attic vent into a window to bring natural light into the space. That window also allowed us to bring materials – wood, molding, etc. into the tight workspace.
  • While we were working in this attic space, we noticed that a portion of the roof sheathing was rotted. We brought in a roofer to examine the issue further and discovered that a previous roofing repair had created an issue. When that repairman had installed toe boards, he did not properly seal the nail holes, which allowed water to seep under the shingles. As a result, the first 4’ of sheathing across the entire rear roof was rotted and had to be replaced. We completed the repair properly, thus preventing future damage, and matched the new shingles as closely as possible to the existing roofing.
  • This relatively small start to a major project gave the homeowners much-needed space and reveals the potential of an attic conversion.
  • From start to finish of construction, this project took 4 weeks to complete.