Bathroom structural damage and repair

A real estate inspection repair report revealed extensive structural damage to this bathroom floor, which was caused by a slow tub valve leak and an additional commode leak, both of which had gone unnoticed for years.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • We faced extremely tight working conditions in a cramped crawl space.
  • We wanted to correct the structural damage while causing as little disturbance as possible to the flooring and fixtures in the bathroom above.


  • When we got into the crawl space, we realized the true extent of the damage: the leaks and high moisture from the crawl space had rotted out the bathroom floor, leaving the sagging concrete base as the only real support. We used a hydraulic jack to lift up the floor, then used pressure-treated lumber to rebuild and re-establish its structural integrity.
  • Despite the cramped working conditions, the work was completed entirely via the crawl space. The repairs did not compromise the ceramic tile on the floor above, and all the fixtures were able to remain in place.