Covered porch

These homeowners wanted to create a covered porch that would shelter them from the elements and allow them to enjoy their fabulous lake and golf course views.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • With a one-story bay window on one side, a two-story bay window tower on the other, and a half-arch transom window above the back door, the main challenge was determining how to attach a covered porch to the home and make it look as it if had always been there, rather than as it were a late addition.


  • We carefully removed the half-arch window, and then tied the new covered porch in from wall to wall.
  • Since the owners wanted an open feel overlooking the lake and golf course, we removed the existing iron railing and redid the landscaping to give them the look they desired. A barbeque grill area was also added to facilitate entertaining.
  • As we progressed in the project, we encountered wood rot in some windows and doors, so we also completed these needed repairs.
  • We successfully matched the siding and trim work on the existing house, so the covered porch looks as if it has always been a part of this family’s home.