Front door without overhang

Front doors without overhangs are not only architecturally bland, they also can create real structural issues. Constant exposure to sun, wind and rain as well as water entry over the years can result in costly future repairs. Insects, particularly termites and carpenter ants, are attracted to the moisture that results from water entry and can cause extensive hidden damage. Problems like these turn up frequently on Residential Inspection Repair Reports and must be repaired before a house can be sold.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • Transform a boring entrance into one that added character and charm to this family’s home.
  • Correct hidden damage caused by insect infestation and replace rotted wood caused by exposure to the elements.


  • Created a striking overhang that adds beauty and provides protection for this front entry.
  • Replaced existing narrow columns with more substantial versions that added weight and substance to the home’s entry.
  • A combination of an overhang, proper flashing and adequate caulking will prevent future water entry and its resulting rot and insect damage.