Front porch railing repairs

Even past Homearama homes are not immune from water damage. Years of rain cascading from the roof onto the front porch railings and driveway stairs caused water damage that ate away these once graceful banisters and allowed wood rot to damage the supporting posts. 


  • We began by replacing all the rotted posts with new materials. Wherever possible, we replaced existing wood with new rot-resistant, low-maintenance PVC plastic or similar materials.
  • In some handrails, we were able to remove the decayed wood and epoxy in new wood with a watertight seal that allowed us to save the original posts.
  • Other handrails were rotted beyond repair; we replaced those with new custom-made railings that were routed to match the original railings.
  • We installed halogen lights in the new railing posts that shed much-needed light on what were dark stairs. We were thrilled that we were able to take a negative– the needed repairs – and turn it into a positive by adding a safety feature that also added curb appeal to this beautiful home.