Project Description

Master bathroom water leak led to termite problem

This Charlotte area homeowner realized that he had water issues in his master bathroom stemming from a leaky toilet and shower valve. When he opened up the floor to examine the extent of the damage, he quickly realized that he was in over his head and called Palmer Custom Builders.

Project goals and challenges

  • We initially came into this project to repair water damage in the master bathroom.
  • We quickly realized that the water damage had fed a more invasive problem: termites. So we set about correcting the issue in every area of the home that was impacted.

Termite repair solutions

  • A leaky toilet and shower valve caused extensive water damage in this home’s master bathroom. To repair it, we first literally had to gut the bathroom down to the studs, cutting out the entire floor system and removing an acrylic shower.
  • Once we removed all the damaged materials, we rebuilt the floor system and walls, added a new shower and corrected the plumbing issues that were the source of the trouble.
  • In the meantime, we examined some other areas of the home and were astonished at what we found. The termite damage had spread to the laundry room, where we again gutted and replaced floors. One root of the problem was that the Heating and Air Conditioning condensation line in the crawl space was blocked, so moisture from the AC unit was actually coming up from the crawl space under the master bath and laundry room. The ductwork and the framing were all soaking wet. To correct the underlying issues, we cleared the line, then installed a dehumidifier and piped the water outside to dry out the crawlspace.
  • Improperly installed gutters on the front of the home had led to water runoff dripping down onto the front porch. In addition, the yard was sloped so that water was running toward the front of the house. Although the homeowner had attempted to channel the water away from the home’s front façade, it was too late. Water had gotten into the floor joists and created the perfect habitat for termites. Ultimately, we replaced 45’ of bandsill and floor joists along the front of the house.
  • When we moved out into the garage, we realized the entire perimeter of the 2-car structure was eaten up by termites, so we proceeded to make structural and cosmetic repairs there as well.
  • After the structural repairs were completed, we called in an exterminator to eliminate the underlying termite issues.
We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work you just completed on our master bathroom. We had some major water problems and damage, and you and your crew were prompt and professional in addressing the problems and completing the work.
Dave and Lissa Archer, Home repairs and structural work
Thank you for your fine efforts in our recent project to upgrade and repair the exterior of our home. At 20 years old, several problems had developed, which required much creativity and a broad array of trades and skills to complete the tasks at hand. Everything has been completed to our total satisfaction.
David and Tina Boyuka, Structural repairs
They were very helpful in getting subcontractors…It was very useful to be directed to good people to help us get things we needed, like tile, countertops and granite. I would recommend them in the future. In fact, we did recommend them to a person we knew from work who they’ve since completed a porch for.
Steve Casper, Kitchen renovation and repairs
The first job Palmer Custom Builders did for me was finishing off my bonus room. That was six years ago. One year after that, they built a roof over my back patio, and then two years ago I had them add another full bath upstairs. Now they are building my new house. I can’t say enough about Gary and the people that have been working for him. I have been very happy with each job from the start, and now working with both Gary and his wife Pam on my new home has been such an all-together pleasure.
Sharon Dye, Existing home renovations, repairs and new custom home
We were so satisfied with Gary’s work on our kitchen remodel, we knew we could trust him with a large renovation project. We’ve been very happy with the quality of work and the attention to detail.
Tate, Dramatic addition, See photos of this project
The best part of working with Palmer Custom Builders was that they had total control of the job. That was very important to us, since we both work, leave early in the morning, and don’t come home until early evening. It was important to us to know that everything was being handled. If they had any questions, they had them ready for us early in the morning, so that we could answer them. That kind of coordination is sometimes hard for contractors to do on a long-term project, but they managed it well.
Janet Lundberg, Screened porch addition