Wet bar renovation

With its dated cabinetry and nonworking icemaker, this wet bar was in need of a renovation and major update.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • The major challenge in this project was that the client wanted to keep her existing wallpaper intact.


  • We removed the nonworking appliance and reconfigured the space to allow for a new functional icemaker as well as a convenient, bar-sized dishwasher.
  • Cabinetry was updated and decorative glass doors were installed in the upper cabinets to visually expand the space and highlight the owner’s beautiful glassware. Puck lighting provided much-needed task lighting.
  • Throughout the project, we carefully matched the existing cutouts to preserve the integrity of the existing wallpaper.
  • As an additional part of this project, we relocated a stackable washer and dryer that were in the master bedroom closet to a more convenient location in an underutilized portion of the master bath.
  • An existing kitchen cabinet was modified to prepare for the installation of a counter height, wine cooling unit.