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What’s hot in Charlotte home appliances

Charlotte home appliances are bringing control, and better control of your kitchen gives you better control of your most critical resource – time.

As we head into 2020, it seems that a lot of once basic items (everything from doorknobs to lightbulbs) are getting a high-tech upgrade, but what about some of your larger investments, like appliances? The answer for Charlotte remodeling and kitchen renovation projects is a resounding YES! Here are just a few of the very cool upgrades that you may soon be seeing whether you are remodeling a kitchen or building a new custom home.


Almost every manufacturer now offers models of everything from microwaves to refrigerators and ovens that can be connected to WiFi and/or Bluetooth. Whether they allow you to preheat your oven while you are still stuck on I-77, see the inside of your refrigerator while you are in the grocery store, or sync your timers so that everything from side dishes to entrees gets done simultaneously, this technology simplifies your life – and saves you time.

Ovens that air fry.

Sure, we’ve become accustomed to seeing those small air fryers on kitchen counters when we’re trying to do a healthier take on our favorite foods. But imagine how much more likely you would be to air fry something if you merely flipped a switch on your oven instead of having to drag out a separate small appliance? The Frigidaire Gallery gas range solves that problem with its air fry mode that uses convection to heat and increases the temperature to crisp.

Dishwashers that dry.

Don’t you hate when you pull dishes out of the dishwasher and they are still so wet that you have to dry them before you can put them away? Bosch has a fix for that with a model in its 800 series that can even dry plastic items thoroughly. The company has patented a treatment process called CrystalDry that uses the mineral zeolite. The mineral crystals absorb up to 30% of their weight in water and then heat up, which results in energy efficient drying that actually works.

Streamlined style.

As technology keeps getting sleeker, it makes sense that those old-fashioned oven knobs would get a much-needed makeover. While touchpad controls have been around for electric cooktops for quite some time, Dacor’s Modernist Collection and others allow touch technology with gas heat – simply swipe to control the level of flame.

Ultimately, control is what this new generation of appliances gives homeowners – and better control of your kitchen gives you better control of your most critical resource – time.

By Pam Palmer
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