Before you take the dive into a home renovation project, do some on remodeling design trends.

Are you ready to take the plunge and dive into a home remodeling project? One of the best things about a remodeling project is the opportunity it presents for your family to start fresh – right in your current home.

When you are thinking about what you want in your remodeling project – and looking at what you don’t need that you currently have in your existing home – one of the most interesting places to find inspiration is new home trends. By looking at what buyers, builders and designers who have a completely blank canvas are able to achieve, you can get ideas that you might never have imagined were possible within the framework of your existing space. However, if you’re working with a qualified, professional remodeler, you might be amazed by just how much they’re able to transform the space inside your walls.

Here are just a few of the items that new home buyers want most, according to the January 2018 issue of Professional Builder magazine, and here’s our take on how you can incorporate them into your home remodeling project.

An open layout.

Large great rooms that combine the functionality of living and dining rooms are still all the rage in new homes. To get that look in a remodel, think about removing walls between spaces and opening up compartmentalized rooms. Then think outside the box of the living room/dining room barrier and look to adjoining spaces. Is there a closed off breakfast area that you can blend into an open kitchen? Is there an old pantry between the kitchen and living room that you can move elsewhere and thus open the space? Is there an office nearby that you can repurpose as part of a larger great room?

Flexible space.

Another key desire is space that changes as your needs change. This is especially important as older parents or after-college age children return home, but even makes sense for young families who may be looking at a nursery now that evolves into an office later. The key to making this work in a remodel is to think ahead to what possible life changes might be down the road and then work with your builder to plan spaces that can flex to meet those changes as they arise.

A place for everything.

Storage space is often at a premium in older homes, and that’s one of the features new homebuyers crave most. When you’re remodeling, your contractor can look at your home with fresh eyes and find creative places where he can borrow space from. It may mean removing outdated, clunky ductwork to buy a few feet inside your walls, repositioning and rearranging closets, bumping out a wall, or adding floored attic storage, but the possibilities are endless.

Intelligent design.

As our electronic devices allow us to connect more and more with the outside world, the devices inside our home are following suit. Smartphone or voice activated controls for lighting features, temperature controls and security systems can make an old home feel like a brand new space. Don’t neglect to build intelligence into the appliances you use in the kitchen and even the shower controls in your bathroom. One caveat is that technology is always changing, so have your remodeler keep an eye toward technology of the future and plan for it now.

Efficient features.

One of the great things about a new home is that everything is the latest and greatest. One of the best things about a remodeling project is that you can get that same feeling in your current space. Whether it’s lighting fixtures that can accommodate more efficient bulbs, plumbing fixtures that save water without sacrificing comfort, and HVAC systems that perform better while conserving energy, remodeling gives you the opportunity to go greener.

So don’t be shy. Pick up those new home magazine and walk through model homes to see what trends speak to you, and then talk with your remodeler about incorporating them in your project.