One feature that often is overlooked are front door issues – or more specifically – the area directly above them.

There are certain Charlotte home improvements that don’t just dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal, they also make a tremendous difference in how your home functions from a structural point of view. While some things might be obvious, like the slope of your yard and whether it directs water toward or away from your foundation, one feature that often is overlooked is your doors – or more specifically – the area directly above them.

You’ve probably noticed that front, rear, and even side doors that lack overhangs can look flat and architecturally bland. What you might not realize is how dramatically the lack of this extra layer of protection can impact the structural integrity of your home.

Here’s why: Over the course of time, the lack of protection from the elements can wear away the cladding that surrounds and the framing that supports your exterior doors. Constant exposure to sun, wind, rain and even snow can damage your exterior cladding material. Over the years, rain will eventually find its way into the structure through any weak spots. If left untreated, this moisture will begin to rot the framing that supports your door’s structure. You’ll begin to notice that doors don’t quite shut properly, joints don’t line up like they used to, and eventually, you’ll see telltale signs of wood rot. The danger is that the damage can spread and become quite extensive before you notice an issue.

Once moisture gets behind your walls (and particularly into inviting areas like insulation), insects such as termites and carpenter ants who are attracted to it will find their way inside. Oftentimes, their damage goes unnoticed inside your walls until it’s extensive and costly to repair.

front door issues

One simple way we fix this is by adding an overhang above exterior doors. We can create an architecturally correct roof that extends over a front or rear door and looks as if it has always been a part of your home. Of course, before we add a new overhang or roof, we first assess any structural damage, remove any insect issues, and make needed repairs. We create an overhang that fits your home’s style and offers the protection you need, using proper flashing, the correct framing, and adequate caulking to prevent future water entry. The cost for this type of Charlotte home repair will vary with the extent of previous damage needing repair, the intricacies of the new overhang or roof, and the materials we are using to tie it into the look and feel of your home. We always advise you to talk with a qualified professional remodeler to discuss the specifics of your project and determine the cost to build.

Ready to make a change for the better? Adding an overhang is really an open and shut case that can boost your peace of mind along with your home’s curb appeal.