1986 seems like another lifetime ago. That’s What Friends Are For by Dionne and Friends was on every radio station, folks rushed home to watch Family Ties, (because there was no such thing as a DVR!), and The Chicago Bears beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

Yet for what have now become generations of Charlotte homeowners, something much more significant happened in 1986: Gary and Pam Palmer said “I do” to both marriage and founding the parent corporation of Palmer Custom Builders. From its roots specializing in flooring, repairs and renovations, the company expanded into more complex remodeling projects and additions, new construction, including custom homes that range from modest to more than a million dollars, and of course – home repairs.

It is those deep-seated roots in the complex remodeling and repair fields that truly set the company apart and differentiate them from many other builders. “We take our talents and expertise from being experienced in the more complicated renovation market and apply those skills, along with present-day trends, to the remodeling and custom home markets,” explains Pam.

Palmer Custom Builders brings their diversified experience, 30-year track record of integrity and unrivaled passion to every project. The results are remodeling projects and additions that look as if they have always been an integral part of their original homes and beautiful one-of-a-kind custom homes designed for real families. Best of all, all Palmer projects are built to withstand the test of time and designed with homeowners’ long-range needs in mind. Materials are selected both for their aesthetic value and their ability to endure. Every detail is planned on the front end to minimize surprises during construction, and care for both the nuances of the project and the needs of the homeowners is taken at every step of the process.

That attention to detail is just one reason why one of Palmer Custom Builders’ innovative screened porch remodels recently garnered a prestigious Contractor of the Year award for a residential addition under $100,000 from the Charlotte chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) .The project transformed an unused screened porch with framing issues and an offset concrete floor into a beautiful and functional sunroom appropriate for a traditional Cape Cod. This was the company’s second project to receive the award; the first was a kitchen renovation project that garnered both the People’s Choice Award and the award for Residential Kitchen Upfit under $30,000.

Palmer Custom Builders is an Accredited Business with Southern Piedmont/Charlotte Better Business Bureau and a long-standing Member of NARI. Yet despite its diversity of skills, the company often returns to its roots to offer an added value to remodeling clients who need a firm who can handle a variety of needed home repairs, such as wood rot, window or roof repairs, and even complex structural issues. “While we’re working on a larger project, our diversified craftsmen can also handle necessary repairs for clients,” Gary explains, “and we make certain that those repairs are done properly, so they don’t cause additional issues down the road.”

It’s this level of care that demonstrates the bond that Gary and Pam have with each of the folks they have worked with through the years. “We would like to say a special thank you and recognize all of our clients, trade partners, craftsmen and professional, dedicated business team members who have contributed to our success along this journey,” Gary notes.

No matter what the size or scope of your project, you can entrust it to this experienced professional contractor whose company has been proudly and reliably serving Charlotte area homeowners for 30 years.