A custom home mockup

Candler Custom Home Plan by Living Concepts

We’ve all driven by that house. You know the one. The custom home circa 1970 that looks as if it stepped out of a bad sitcom. You can imagine that inside, there’s a boxy, outdated floor plan – maybe even a sunken living room with shag carpet! The fact is that today’s custom homes are better designed, more visually appealing, and more soundly built than homes built just a few decades ago. Think about the major changes that have occurred in just the past 10 years – with flat screen TVs in every room, computer workstations replaced by notepads, and most of us virtually living on our cell phones. That’s not to mention the advances in structural engineering, building codes, green building, energy efficiency – the list goes on and on. Those substantial updates are why many people are opting to build new custom homes in Charlotte.

What are the features today’s custom home buyers are designing into their new homes? Here are a few of the trends we’re seeing in new custom homes in Charlotte.

  • People are more conscious about getting the most for their dollars. Most are scaling back on overall square footage, yet these new spaces must be extremely functional and designed for the way they live to make up for the smaller area.
  • Kitchens are still larger than in years past and open to the family room for better flow. They boast practical layouts teaming with convenience features and cutting-edge appliances designed to ease daily routines.
  • We’re still removing walls wherever possible to open up the flow of the home for living and entertaining.
  • While some enthusiasts still desire a dedicated home theatre, we’re seeing a trend toward more multi-purpose rooms. Advances in technology and the realization that kids should be out in the open where parents can monitor usage of internet-equipped TVs are helping drive that move away from dedicated spaces.
  • Homeowners are taking the money they used to spend on home theatres and channeling it into extensive outdoor living areas. As homes get smaller, these spaces naturally expand to take up the entertaining slack. Beautiful patios equipped with BBQ grills, seating areas and fireplaces are the norm.
  • Home offices are still vital as people continue to work from home. These spaces are evolving too, as notepads replace bulky computer monitors. That means that although the space has to function like an office, it doesn’t necessarily have to look like one all the time.
  • Homeowners are focusing a lot of time and effort to ensure that mudrooms, laundry rooms and drop zones are designed with enough space and organizing features built in to compensate for the lack of square footage.
  • Combining households is still a key concept, as parents age and older children consider returning home. So designing homes with one or two master suites downstairs, or a Next Gen suite with a small efficiency kitchen, accessible bath, bedroom and perhaps a small living area, are all options.