custom home being builtAs the weather warms and we begin to see some signs of economic improvement on the horizon, many people’s thoughts are starting to turn toward a new home. Many clients have asked us if it makes sense to buy an existing home, opt for a deal on a new or foreclosed spec, or build a custom home. For a whole host of reasons, we believe that this might be the ideal time to consider building a custom home. Here are a few advantages of building custom now:

Get exactly what you want

If you truly want a home that really suits your lifestyle with a well-thought out layout and is designed around your tastes, nothing compares to custom. Oftentimes, people consider buying a home that’s a really good deal, but spend more money than they bargain for to modify it to their family’s needs.

Rightsize it

Many of the foreclosure properties now available on the market are – not surprisingly – larger homes. More square footage simply costs more to maintain, initially when it comes to decorating and then long-term when it comes to maintenance, landscaping, heating, cooling, the list goes on and on. We recently met a young professional couple, both with excellent, secure jobs, who are downsizing simply because they realize that their home is too costly to keep up. With a custom home, you can maximize the value of every square foot and customize it for the way your family lives, so you won’t pay for wasted space you never use.

Express your individuality

A custom home reflects your style in every detail, from the exterior design and colors to how the interior flows. If you buy a new home from a tract builder, they may have five or six different plans to choose from, so your house will look pretty much like several others in your neighborhood.

Set your site right

If you’ve ever walked into a friend’s house, looked out their window and stared straight into their neighbor’s living room, you’ve experienced poor home positioning up close and personal. When you build a custom home, you and your builder have a unique opportunity to make certain that it fits your lot. You can orient your home to get the perfect sun exposure, design it to take advantage of beautiful natural views and maintain privacy, angle the garage just so, and more.

Don’t be intimidated

While a custom build gives you an unprecedented opportunity to select every aspect of your home, some people don’t want that level of involvement. They may have constraints on their time or they simply don’t wish to be involved with that level of detail. Yet even a custom home doesn’t have to be designed entirely from scratch. You can buy a plan that’s close to what you need and refine it – add more windows to bring more light into the bonus room, take out a wall to open up the space, etc.

Improved energy efficiency

If an energy efficient home– and the utility savings that come with that – is important to you, a custom home may be a much better option than an existing residence. Building materials and methods have made amazing strides in a very short time. It’s simply not cost efficient to bring many older houses (built in the 50’s or earlier and depending on their upkeep over the years) up to code – with plaster, un-insulated walls, single pane windows, structural issues, and in some cases, stringent historical requirements that can hamper attempts to update.

Opportunity is knocking

Rates are fantastically low right now, land is plentiful and affordable, materials and labor costs have held steady but are beginning to creep back up.

Quite simply, when you build a custom home, everything works together beautifully to fit your family’s needs, tastes and lifestyle. And when you deal with a contractor who can help you think outside of the box, the results are certain to be as distinct as you are.