Success story – Nursery room addition for baby

When a baby is on the way, priorities change, and things need to happen quickly. That’s why one couple called us in to finish out a room above their existing garage before their due date, for a nursery room addition for the baby.

Home Addition Goals and Challenges

  • This couple had a gracious space above the garage that they wanted to transform into a functional finished space that would be ideally suited to bring a new baby home to.

Addition Solutions

  • The existing space was framed in, and the couple had begun the process of finishing it out over a year ago, before COVID. When the baby was due, they realized that they needed to accelerate the process and bring in additional help.
  • We finessed the existing framing to make it better suited for a finished space (as opposed to unfinished attic storage).
  • We finished the space by completing electrical connections, adding insulation, and sheetrocking. Zoned HVAC ensures that the room will be comfortable, while a ceiling fan and several can lights provide the proper amount of light.
  • We created an oversized closet that’s ideally suited for all the clothes, toys and accessories.
  • To finish the space, we worked with the homeowners to select a dense, stain-resistant carpet backed by a very durable 8 pound pad. The density of the pad will help prolong the life of the carpet and make it comfortable when the baby begins to crawl and walk.
  • This was the perfect example of a small project that made a huge difference in the lives of the homeowners. They now have a beautiful, graciously sized and light-filled space to bring their child home to.