Kitchen and morning room remodel

The original builder of this beautiful 10-year-old home in the Ballantyne area installed white Thermofoil cabinets throughout the kitchen. The quality of the cabinets was substandard for the home’s value, and they were also showing their age, as the Thermofoil was peeling off the doors and drawers. The layout of the kitchen and lack of storage space also left much to be desired. The style of the cabinetry and hardware and the Ube Tuba granite counter tops were dated as well. 


  • White cabinets were replaced with a traditional, rich wood style with more intricate yet not overly ornate trim work that’s more in keeping with the home’s décor. For the countertops, the homeowner selected new granite with varied shades of tan and brown to add contrast and texture. White backsplash tile was replaced with more-natural looking materials that add a sophisticated touch. Updated appliances complete the functionality of the makeover.
  • All of the hardware in the kitchen was “de-brassed,” as dated shiny brass hardware was replaced with a more subtle oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Light fixtures in the kitchen were replaced to better mesh with the home’s new style, while under-cabinet lighting added needed functionality.
  • Remarkably, the project was completed three weeks ahead of schedule, which made this family with two young children exceptionally happy.