Master bath shower install – A simple, practical upgrade

This is a very common concern that most folks don’t realize can be quickly and efficiently resolved. A retired couple had a basic acrylic shower stall in their master bath. They wanted to switch that out to a more practical option as they aged.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • We wanted to make this space more functional for the homeowners now and in the future.
  • Create a shower unit that is ideal for aging in place by being larger and easier to maintain than their existing unit.


  • Since the homeowners wanted a shower that would be easier for them to access as they aged, we advocated installing an over-sized, tiled shower. We also added some depth to the shower by pulling it out about a foot. We added an attractive grab bar and a corner bench that make the shower accessible, while new faucets and shower heads complete the look.
  • Most homeowners don’t realize that we can replace an acrylic tub/shower combo with a walk-in shower quickly and efficiently. They also will typically gain some space, since the acrylic units add a few inches of depth to the wall that you regain once you remove them.
  • In the new shower, we also tiled all the way up to the ceiling using a manmade tile that mimics the look of marble. This eliminates that typical ledge where dirt and moisture tend to accumulate, reducing upkeep. The handheld spray also makes it easier to clean.
  • To further minimize maintenance, we used an additive called Grout Shield, which we use in all of our bathroom tub and shower tile applications. Grout Shield makes the grout less porous, so that mold can’t bond to it. Since it’s actually mixed into the grout, it’s not a surface application that will wear off over time. It’s simple ideas like this that have a huge impact on a project’s long-term sustainability and our customers’ satisfaction.
  • All in all, this was a simple, quick project that took just four weeks and made a huge difference in this couple’s daily routine.