Primary bathroom remodel uncovers dangerous situation

The parents of another client, this couple just built a primary residence at the coast and wanted to update their home in Matthews. Since they were away for much of the project, they wanted a builder who was adept with working with remote clients and whom they felt they could trust. In the early stages of demolition, we discovered a potentially dangerous situation and were able to rectify it. 

Primary Bathroom Remodel

  • Goals and Challenges
    • As soon as bathroom demolition began, our crew smelled natural gas. We quickly halted the project and brought in Piedmont Natural Gas.
    • The existing primary bathroom was out of date and had some issues from a previous, poorly done remodel. 
  • Solutions
    • Since the couple was away, they did not realize they had a gas leak. We called in Piedmont Natural Gas, who came in and found not one, but five gas leaks in the crawl space. The gas was coming up through the air return underneath the staircase in the middle of the house. PNG found that the homeowners had an HVAC system put into the crawl space, which had two leaks in it. They had fireplace logs put in previously, and there was a leak in that line. They also had completed a remodeling project several years ago, and the line for the gas dryer installed at that time was leaking. Unfortunately, that line was leaking into a back corner of the crawl space with no ventilation, so it was building up a pocket of gas. We repaired all the leaks and then got the green light to continue with the rest of the project.
    • For the primary bathroom, we opened up a wall in the adjacent closet to find more space and then reorganized the closet and added a shelving system. 
    • We addressed the water damage and wood rot caused by previous water leaks. 
    • We removed a very large garden tub and a shower and replaced it with a spacious walk-in shower with a built-in bench seat that is easier for the homeowner to use. We installed dual showerheads. We removed a double window over the garden tub, and replaced it with a transom window that lets in natural light into the shower while preserving privacy. 
    • At the end of the bathroom was a single window, we replaced that with a downsized window which allowed for the larger shower. 
    • We added dual exhaust fans that were properly vented.
    • We installed a heated floor, which makes the space much more welcoming. 
    • An updated double vanity and lighting completed the space. 
    • While we were there, we also remodeled a hall bathroom, replacing existing cabinets and fixtures and adding a new glass shower surround.
    • The homeowners had an existing fixed panel wood front door that leaked a lot of air. We special ordered a fiberglass front door unit, transom and sidelights and stained it with a gorgeous mahogany to upgrade the entrance. 

The result is a beautiful space and a home that is now safe for the homeowners to return to when they stay in Charlotte.