Home Remodeling Building MaterialsSeveral Charlotte homeowners recently faced needless renovation dilemmas. One wanted to build an addition over a section of his existing home. When a friend “in the know” told him the current structure couldn’t support the weight and thus would not be feasible, he abandoned those plans – which an experienced contractor easily could have executed successfully. Another client started planning a kitchen renovation, but their initial plans had not included several key changes that should have been made. If they had pursued those plans, they would have been very disappointed, because that design would not have maximized their investment or the room’s functionality. As these clients and many others discover, working with an experienced design/build professional makes all the difference in your results. They can improve something as simple as a small bathroom remodel with innovative design ideas that often don’t add that much to the cost of the project.

Here’s why: A full-service, design/build company brings a big-picture vision to your project while also keeping a keenly focused eye on the details. They design, manage and build your project from scratch – taking you from start to finish. This eliminates the “middle man” – which in most cases ends up being the homeowner – who traditionally goes back and forth between design professionals, contractors and project managers, who may be speaking completely different languages.

If you’ve ever looked at construction drawings on a piece of paper and then walked through the finished project, you know how vastly different the three-dimensional version can be. A good design/build contractor with diversified experience can efficiently design and then work with those plans – or in some cases, your architect’s – to truly bring your concepts to life. Drawing upon his experience of what has worked in the field during previous projects, he can offer suggestions or alterations that make all the difference. Instead of just building “to plan,” a design/build firm is going to ensure that the plan will work on all levels – structural, aesthetic, functional and budgetary. They’ll suggest changes like making certain that windows are symmetrically placed to improve a traditional home’s façade or relocating a fireplace to open up a room addition, improve a view, or make sure the TV placement flows with the seating area. When they work with an interior designer, as we at Palmer Custom Builders do, they’ll ensure that the homeowner’s existing or new furniture not only fits into the new space, but also functions well in its designated area, so that each room ultimately works in the intended manner.

A full-service, design/build company also adds value by making sure that the project has a defined scope from the very beginning. There’s nothing more heartbreaking to a homeowner than working with an architect to create the perfect plan and then discovering that the cost of building that plan far exceeds their budget. By marrying the design and its practical implementation from the very beginning, a design/build firm creates a project that not only works, but works within the client’s budget. Since they have an overall understanding of the scope of work, construction costs and your priorities, they can look at selections line by line, keeping in mind the big picture and how each choice impacts that vision. In the end, the marriage of a grand-scale vision and the laser-focused implementation of its details that a full-service design/build firm brings results in a project that looks exactly as you envision and functions as you require. No matter what the scale of your project – from the smallest renovation to building a new home, a full-service, design build company takes a project from inception to completion – and in the end it shows!