We recently sat down with Patti Summers, who just celebrated her one-year anniversary as our Project Coordinator. Patti brings years of valuable experience in advertising, marketing, business management, insurance procedures and legal affairs to her role with Palmer Custom Builders. She enjoys having “hands-on” time at a jobsite, from demolition to final walkthrough. Her attention to detail, along with her excellent abilities to both listen and communicate well, allow Patti to meet the challenges of any project, while easily communicating with our clients. She has a tremendous heart for all people, which is evidenced through the time she devotes to her family, friends, and as co-facilitator of a Grief Share class at her church. Here is Patti’s take on her role with us:

Q. What are your responsibilities with Palmer Custom Builders?
A. My main responsibility is to function as a liaison between Palmer Custom Builders, our clients, our subcontractors and our vendors. That includes ensuring that all pertinent information regarding each project is relayed accordingly in a timely manner to maintain customer satisfaction. From the first appointment that Gary Palmer has with the client, through the estimate and selections process, to contract and construction, I am responsible for the communication and scheduling of each event to ensure a steady, progressive workflow. Once construction begins, I make progress check visits to the jobsite and have face-to-face meetings with the clients to discuss progress and address any questions or concerns that may arise.

Q. Which job did you have in the past that prepared you most for what you do with Palmer Custom Builders today? 
A. I would have to say it was the 12 years that I spent working in manufacturing and the 14 years that I spent in a law office. I believe that both jobs helped me to gain an appreciation for a steady and honest work ethic. I believe the key strengths that I have brought to this position include attention to detail; being a critical thinker; flexibility to move easily between the office and the sites; a heart for people, and being a good communicator.

Q. What does a typical day look like for you?
A. The typical day includes a lot of data entry, from tracking prospects and confirming appointments to detailing each project’s progress. Each project is set up and tracked in our computer system and has its own project binder. There are countless emails, text messages and phone calls with subcontractors and vendors to keep schedules on track and verify their invoices. I assist Gary Palmer with permits, scheduling, and communicating with the county agencies for each project. On any given day, there are site visits; some days there are materials to be picked up and delivered to a site. I also maintain the insurance records for all of our subcontractors and vendors, as well as research materials and products as needed for our projects.

Q. What is your favorite part of your job? 
A. It’s twofold, really. First, the people! I enjoy sharing our clients’ excitement when their project is beginning; sharing the progress and being that “listening ear” during the project; and most of all, sharing in the joy and satisfaction at the conclusion of their project. Second, getting to see and experience each project from studs to finished walls is absolutely amazing. Every project is unique and different, and as it takes shape, our pride in the job grows!