Would it surprise you that kitchens may not be the most popular room remodel project?

When most homeowners are looking at a room remodel project, they generally tend to consider the same rooms – and in the past kitchens have been at the undisputed top of that list. That might no longer be the case, according to a recent survey of remodeling professionals conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders.

For the first time, the survey found that bathroom remodeling projects were more popular than kitchen remodeling among the clients of the professionals questioned. 81% of the remodelers surveyed had completed bathroom remodeling projects in 2017, with 78% working on kitchen remodels, while 49% undertook whole house renovation projects.

While the numbers are close, this may represent a shift in how homeowners are looking at remodeling projects right now, the organization speculated, with more willing to undertake what they see as smaller scale projects. While there is undoubtedly wide variation among bathroom remodeling projects – ranging from small powder room additions to complete revamps of luxury master bathrooms – most people tend to think of them as smaller, less intrusive projects than a kitchen remodel. That might be because there tend to be multiple bathrooms in a home but only one kitchen, so a kitchen project seems to take on greater significance even if the dollars spent and time required are on comparable levels.

It also might mean that homeowners are focusing on their own comfort, since kitchens are public spaces that are seen by guests whereas bathroom remodeling tends to be done primarily for the comfort and enjoyment of the homeowners.

Regardless of the motivations behind the national shift, here is Charlotte, we see homeowners opting for both kitchen and bathroom projects, as well as additions and outdoor living areas.

Regardless of which room they are looking at, the organization and many other professional groups are projecting that homeowners’ passion for remodeling will remain strong and even increase throughout the rest of this year and into 2019. Which means that now is the perfect time to consider a remodeling project of your own.