Interior remodeling

Struggling with a boxy, closed floor plan?

If you love your home’s location in Charlotte, NC but are tired of an outdated, closed-in floor plan, Palmer Custom Builders can help! Relatively simple interior renovations can sometimes make a major difference in how your home lives, looks and ultimately, in how it feels to your family. Opening up interior walls, moving doorways to alleviate congestion or reworking unfinished areas can make your current house live like a brand new home — without the hassle and expense of moving!

Cost-effective interior remodels

Interior renovations in Charlotte, NC

Dramatic results

Compared to more extensive whole-house remodeling projects or building a custom home from the ground up, interior remodeling is a cost-conscious option that still yields dramatic results. Why? Because the major elements of the space – flooring, walls, ceiling and utilities are already in place. Interior remodeling involves changing the look and feel of these existing spaces. So even if your project requires adding or removing interior walls, replacing flooring, or reconfiguring living areas, the most costly elements of the space are in place. That leaves you free to spend your dollars on the things that matter most to you – the finishes and features that will make a tangible difference in your daily life.

How can interior remodeling change your home?

Reimagine your space

Imagine what your family could do with more and more functional space. Whether it’s reclaiming open space to better accommodate guests when you are hosting large gatherings, finding the proper blend of private and public spaces for all family members, improving the overall flow of rooms, or adding sorely needed storage space, interior remodeling might be the right choice for you. Contact Palmer Custom Builders today to see how interior remodeling can change the look and feel of your Charlotte, NC home.


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Open floor plan renovation

Licensed professional remodeler

Open floor plan kitchen renovation

Rely on a qualified professional

While interior remodeling projects may not seem as complex as building a new home from the ground up, they actually require a higher level of experience. That’s because interior finishes, flooring and traffic patterns must be married so the new spaces appear and feel as if they have always been a part of the home. These key spaces should never appear to be an afterthought, but should seamlessly blend with your home’s existing style and décor.

If you are considering an interior renovation, let Palmer Custom Builders help take your home to the next level.

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