Project Description

As often happens, these repairs came about while we were involved in a more extensive project for these clients. As we were working on their kitchen renovation, we noticed and the homeowners brought up several issues that they had had over the years with their home.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • This home had some siding issues and rotted trim as a result of previous improper repairs. On the dormer, masonsite siding was sitting directly on the roof, absorbing moisture every time it rained, which damaged the siding and caused the surrounding wood to rot. We wanted to correct the situation using the proper techniques and materials so that the problem wouldn’t recur every few years, as it had in the past.
  • The homeowners’ cats loved to sit in the windows and enjoy the fresh air and views, but they were consistently clawing through the window screens.


  • We replaced the improperly installed and incorrect dormer materials with new maintenance-free materials. HardiPlank siding and primed trim are much more resistant to rot, and since they were properly installed, they will no longer be absorbing excess moisture. This combination of the right materials installed with proper techniques eliminated the homeowners’ recurring problem.
  • A local screen company fabricated window screens out of a durable, claw-resistant material, allowing the cats to take in the sights and smells of the world around them without danger of damaging the screens and escaping to the outdoors.