Project Description

This complete kitchen remodel was needed to update a sterile, flat-looking cabinet arrangement and bring life back to the heart of this home. The positioning of awkward and inefficiently placed appliances needed to be revamped to better serve this active family and bring an overall improved design to the kitchen, adjacent pantry/office and laundry room.

Palmer’s Project Objectives and Challenges

  • Design and build an island to serve as a sit-down eating area that would transform the kitchen into a more inviting and comfortable space.
  • Finish the complete kitchen, pantry and office in time for the homeowners’ holiday entertaining plans.


  • Intensive preliminary planning helped keep the project on task under this tight deadline. Most of the decisions about design features and interior selections were made before construction started.
  • Everything in the kitchen, pantry-office and laundry was stripped to the original framing, and several pre-existing conditions were addressed before re-building began. That allowed us to create a functional combined appliance wall with a central cooking area and a spacious, enhanced kitchen island that encourages family and friends to linger. Touches like new wine storage and a wine cooler, a wall oven and microwave housed in a custom cabinet, and storage drawers built into the sitting area cabinetry are artful additions.
  • Cabinetry was selected with function and aesthetics in mind. A combination of stained and painted and glazed cabinets with decorative glass accents sets the stage for the room, while practical storage and solutions like a folding center in the laundry room make these spaces function for the family.
  • Enhanced overhead and accent lighting showcases the renovation in the best possible light, while innovations like an air switch installed in the granite counter that operates the disposal and a remotely located switch for the exhaust fan and light above the stove simplify daily use.