Master bath remodel – Solving moisture problems

This family had a dated master bathroom that was original to the home. Unfortunately, the bathroom also had moisture issues that had to be solved before we could update the space aesthetically.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • This bathroom featured a single heat lamp / exhaust fan centered in the space, which was inadequate for removing moisture from the large bathroom.
  • The existing shower stayed wet continuously, creating an issue for cleaning and maintenance while contributing to the corrosion of the existing fixtures.
  • In the process of demolishing the existing shower, we discovered that moisture had seeped into the wall behind it and caused extensive rot issues. Moisture had also caused the existing window frame to rot.
  • The moisture in the wall also created the ideal habitat for a colony of ants. The owners previously had an exterminator try to determine where the ants were coming from without success. Once we discovered their presence, the lingering ant problem was solved.


  • Originally, the shower was set up similar to a closet, with a mere 6” of space between the top of the glass shower door and a dropped soffit ceiling. In essence, it created the effect of a steam shower – trapping moisture in the space and causing rot inside the walls, corrosion of the existing shiny gold fixtures and tile maintenance issues due to the continuous moisture issue.
  • We began by removing the dropped soffit and raising the ceiling height.
  • We eliminated an existing support beam in the corner of the old shower by going into the attic and reframing to add ceiling support from above.
  • We reframed the water-damaged wall and replaced the window, ensuring that the framework behind the new shower was solid.
  • A new glass panel half shower wall opens up the space visually.
  • We complemented the newly opened space with a recessed can light and exhaust fan in the shower.
  • We tiled up to and including the ceiling and added a built-in wall niche for shampoo storage.
  • We removed the existing toe kick air vents and corrected the remaining ventilation issues. A separate exhaust fan in the water closet completed the ventilation upgrades.
  • The under-used garden tub was removed to create space for a new focal point – a beautiful antique piece that the homeowners are having repainted.
  • New cabinets including corner towers provide ample, organized storage. One of the towers houses a television.
  • Existing wallpaper and a wallpaper border were removed and the walls were given a fresh coat of paint.
  • Larger floor tiles modernized the room.
  • Fluorescent closet lights were replaced with ample recessed LED lighting.
  • In all, this project took 10 weeks to complete, which included some time lost to material delays as a result of having to replace the existing window.
  • The end result is a beautiful master bathroom that not only looks better, it feels better due to the ventilation changes and functions well.