Project Description

This lovely home has an inviting backyard, gracious outdoor living space and a beautiful swimming pool. The back patio, however, was exposed to the sun for most of the day and could not be used because of the excessive heat. The new covered, outdoor porch space is a nice extension of the home and a wonderful, relaxing place to spend time throughout the day and evening.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • The new patio roof had to tie into multiple existing rooflines.
  • We wanted to make the addition appear as if it had been an original part of the house and have the architecture of the overhang blend with the style of the pool cabana.
  • The homeowner also wanted a visual barrier for the pool heater.


  • A beautiful roof was designed with angles that complemented the pitch of the surrounding rooflines. Support columns, a painted bead board ceiling and trim details were crafted in a style that marries the extension to the home’s existing architecture.
  • A roll-a-way fence enclosure was designed and built for the pool heater, offering concealment while allowing it to be easily serviced in the future.
  • Additional finishing features included a trellised area in the porch roof that allows sunlight to reach the kitchen. Recessed lights were installed in the porch ceiling to provide lighting for evening use. A ceiling fan provides a refreshing breeze on warm days.
  • Some preventative maintenance and repairs were made to the existing stucco walls at the roofline.
  • Extra ceiling framing was installed to support a new porch swing.

Before and after patio roof addition

Before patio roof addition

After patio roof addition