Wall replacement and roofing repairs

This beautiful home was a foreclosure property that sat vacant for quite a few years. As is common in such instances, minor issues tend to escalate into major problems. In this case, a lack of step and kick out flashing where the raised front porch wall meets the roof allowed water to run down an exterior wall and penetrate beneath the stone veneer, thus rotting out the wood framework beneath.


  • We first removed the exterior stone veneer to gain access to the wall. We removed the rotted wood and rebuilt the wall. The wet, rotted wood was the perfect home for termites, which were also evicted from the site.
  • On the interior, the wall backed to the library, which was covered in beautiful judges paneling. We were able to remove and save the paneling and rebuild the wall behind it.
  • In addition, we strengthened the structural members of the wall to ensure that it could bear the weight of the stone and the roof.
  • We then installed proper flashing to prevent these issues from reoccurring.
  • Overall, the house was well built; it was merely an issue of improper flashing causing damage over time. That’s why we believe it’s vital for home shoppers to obtain a good quality professional home inspection to apprise them of any issues before they purchase a home.