So just how long – and how much – does it take to complete a house remodel project in Charlotte today?

Let’s face it, when you are dreaming about a home remodeling or home renovation project, putting pen to paper to work on a budget is not the first thing you want to be doing. You’d probably rather be making your space plans, selecting fun items like tile and fixtures, and dreaming about how your family will gather around your newly remodeled kitchen (or how you can diplomatically lock them out of your newly renovated spa-like master bathroom).

Yet taking the time to understand exactly what a remodeling or renovation project requires in terms of both time and money is the single most important planning step you will take to ensure your project’s success. Having a realistic picture of how much money a remodeling project requires will prevent you from dreaming too large and getting in over your head, or from thinking too small and making unnecessary sacrifices. It will help you determine whether the project is one you can tackle now, or one for which you should save or phase in over time. It will allow you to establish realistic expectations about the time an intensive project will require, and to plan around critical calendar events.

So just how long – and how much – does it take to complete a remodeling project in Charlotte today? Here are a few popular projects and what to expect:

Basic Bathroom Remodel.

This project generally entails updating a secondary bathroom or powder room to make it more stylish and functional. Secondary bathrooms will include a tub/shower combination, while highly visible powder rooms generally demand more upgraded fixtures, which puts these projects on a similar footing when it comes to price range and time required. You can expect to pay from the upper teens to the mid $20,000’s for a basic bathroom remodel. The timeline for this project is generally 6-8 weeks.

Master Bathroom Remodel.

Master bathrooms are generally much more spacious than secondary bathrooms and require a much higher level of fixtures and finishes. Not to mention more of them – think dual sinks in well-appointed vanities, a gracious walk-in shower, stand-alone soaking tub, nicer tile and more of it, etc. Because of those variables, the price can climb rapidly. Expect to pay from the mid $20,000’s for a low-priced, basic remodel to the mid $50,000’s for a more elaborate, higher-end remake. Although the space is larger than a basic bathroom, the project generally does not take substantially longer (since it requires the same basic pieces and the same subcontractors and permits), generally about 8-10 weeks.

Kitchen Renovations.

Smaller kitchen projects are referred to as kitchen renovations. A renovation is appropriate when nothing major needs to be changed for structure or flow and cosmetic changes are all that is required to update a room. Still, since many of the pieces of a kitchen are quite costly, renovations cost more than you might expect. A general rule is that $5,000 will allow you to make minor cosmetic changes (such as fixtures), $15,000 – $25,000 will allow you to remove and replace appliances, while $25,000 to $40,000 is a more realistic budget for cabinet replacement. Time frames will vary dramatically depending on whether you are simply pulling out and replacing appliances (a few weeks) or ordering and replacing cabinets, etc.

Kitchen Remodels.

When people think about creating a dream kitchen, they are generally thinking about a full-fledged kitchen remodel. This may entail expanding the space, reconfiguring cabinetry and moving utility lines, installing new appliances, replacing cabinets, adding new countertops, new faucets and sinks, updating lighting and more. You can expect a full kitchen remodel to start at the mid $60,000’s and go up from there and take 10-12 weeks to complete.

Bear in mind that these numbers are only generalizations. The square footage of your rooms, the quality level of fixtures and finishes that you select, whether you are opening up or removing walls, and what’s hidden behind your walls all can have a significant impact on both your budget and the time required to bring your project to life.