Window walls are taking the new open floor plan trend to a whole new level.

When Charlotte homeowners think about remodeling projects and creating home additions, they usually gravitate away from boxy, closed-in rooms and toward wide open spaces. These open rooms are a reflection of a more casual and informal lifestyle that’s focused on blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. So it seems only natural that framing in these interior expanses with boxy, old-fashioned windows is becoming passé.

The latest window trends in the remodeling market have embraced these modern influences. Taking a page from dramatic penthouse apartments, large window walls bring the beauty of nature – or dramatic urban vistas – indoors. In fact, Marvin Windows and Doors recently debuted the largest production casement and awning windows now available, with standard sizes up to 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide.

JELD-WEN took the concept of open vistas an angled step farther with its EpicVue line of contemporary window designs. One of the most innovative of its offerings is a 90 degree window designed to be used in a corner to create a truly dynamic view. Imagine curling up in a corner reading chair and feeling as if you are truly a part of the surrounding outdoors.

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JELD-WEN® EpicVue™ contemporary clad-wood windows and patio doors blend beautiful design with top-level durability.

Helping these windows blend into their environment are thinner yet stronger frames engineered to support the weight of the glass. From an aesthetic standpoint, manufacturers have become even more adaptive to homeowners’ needs. As the market for remodeling products continues to increase, many companies have responded by offering the customization options that these homeowners require. (When you replace windows in an older home, remodelers are often confronted by sizes and styles that are no longer made, so “matching” those products to maintain a consistent look requires a customized product.)

In addition to custom window sizes, many are now offering a far wider variety of frame colors (more than 50 from Sierra Pacific) and even customized colors for projects that meet volume requirements (offered by companies like MI Windows and Doors). Even standard offerings are becoming far more diverse, with MI reporting that its most popular painted color choice trending now is black. Architects love these now colors because it gives them the freedom to design windowscapes that blend seamlessly into a home’s interior or to make dramatic statements with ease.

No matter how you envision your remodeling project, there’s certain to be a window to cast it in a beautiful light!