What are the most popular (and most worthwhile) Charlotte home renovations that are on area wish lists right now?

Spring is finally in the air. As the weather turns warmer and brings out the Bradford pears, cherry blossoms and orange construction cones that seasonally pop up along area roads, it also has local residents thinking about Charlotte home renovations. Personally, we love this time of year, since it brings a world of optimistic possibilities into our lives and homes. So what are the most popular (and most worthwhile) Charlotte home renovations that are on area wish lists right now? Here is a sampling of what our clients are asking for:

Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen remains the heart of the home, and making it more functional is at the top of local wish lists. With the increasing popularity of meal kit delivery services – and how they encourage everyone in the family to lend a hand – clients are asking for more and better organized workspaces to accommodate multiple cooks. At the same time, there is a movement toward simplicity in streamlined designs, in some cases eliminating upper cabinets altogether to open up the space. Just bear in mind that if you do remove cabinets, you’ll need to borrow space elsewhere to accommodate the items that are typically stored there. The other major trend we’re seeing is technology incorporated in virtually every aspect of our kitchens. Whether it’s charging stations, connected appliances that tell you what you need at the grocery store, or technology integrated into multifunctional islands, the future of Charlotte kitchens is definitely high tech.

Bathroom renovations

At the same time, Charlotte bathrooms are going for old school luxury touches that create a true retreat. Heated tile floors take the chill off mornings while compact under counter beverage centers add an element of decadent convenience. Expressing your personality in your master bathroom design remains important, as homeowners are opting for show-stopping tile that steps outside of the box. Exterior elements are moving indoors as well – with natural colors and textures showing up in unique elements. Finally, lighting is more important than ever as functional task lighting pairs with dramatic fixtures to create the perfect backdrop for your retreat.

Home additions

Creating more space that helps turn houses into homes is vital to Charlotte residents who love their neighborhoods but have outgrown their existing space. Turning unfinished attic or basement space into in-law suites is a popular option, as is adding a second level above a garage. You can also borrow space from two-story entryway or living area by making it a single level and adding another room above. Our clients have used these areas as everything from children’s playrooms and studies to additional bedrooms. Another popular choice is converting a screened porch or covered porch into a finished sunroom that adds heated and cooled square footage to your home.

Outdoor living

Local outdoor living areas have become more elaborate as well. Outdoor kitchens are growing into their name, with not just a grill, but other appliances like refrigerators, beverage centers and pizza ovens becoming common place. A place to sit is vital as well, as seating walls and graciously sized patios that allow for comfortable furnishings take center stage. With so much to take advantage of, homeowners would rather spend their time enjoying these spaces instead of maintaining them, which is why no-maintenance materials are exploding in popularity. As more manufacturers have entered the market to meet the increased demand, the materials themselves have improved, with composite decking and railing materials now realistically mimicking the look of wood.

Home repairs

Of course, warmer weather gets folks outside, and that allows them to notice many issues that might have flown under the radar during winter’s colder weather. Broken gutters, missing or damaged roof shingles, fading exterior painting, and deck and railing wear and tear are just a few of the most common fixes on homeowners’ minds. While some of these are minor and can be tackled on your own, others, such as roof repair, are always best left to professionals. (Improperly installed roofing materials often lead to water leakage, which can cause unnoticed damage inside your walls. All to often, by the time you notice an issue, the repairs will be very costly and will exceed any initial savings from doing it yourself.)

No matter what type of home renovation project you’re envisioning, spring is the perfect time to plant the seeds and see how beautifully it blossoms.