Aesthetically Pleasing Dryer VentIn the past, it’s been true that no matter how thoughtfully planned and well-executed, there are certain elements of a new custom-built home or home remodeling project that unfortunately, leave a little to be desired aesthetically. Take the humble- and visually challenging – dryer vent. Yes, it serves its purpose fairly well; it vents gas dryer gases and heated moist air out and generally keeps larger critters from calling your house their home. But let’s be honest – they just look ugly. Brittle plastics fade and crack in our Charlotte sun, while exposed metal versions get crushed the first time an errant football or tree branch hits them.

That’s why we were thrilled to recently find the Dryer Wall Vent made by In-O-Vate Dryer Products. Designed to function equally well in new home construction or remodeling applications, this sleek, “no-profile” version fits flush against exterior walls thanks to a recessed damper and hidden fasteners. It’s made from powder-coated, 22-gauge galvanized steel, which means it’s not only durable, but its color stays true.

While its appearance is a definite improvement, it’s the technology behind the dryer vent that we’re most excited about. In a typical dryer exhaust system, the most restrictive point is the exterior termination. It tends to be the narrowest point and it’s the place where lint most often collects. When your dryer has to work harder to exhaust air, you’re reducing its lifespan, increasing your energy bills and possibly creating a fire hazard if lint builds up. The Dryer Wall Vent is designed to open wider than a standard vent, and it doesn’t have an obtrusive screen to restrict airflow or collect lint, making it far more efficient and safer. The wide opening also eases cleaning, allowing homeowners to easily clean the vent tube with a vent brush.

Best of all, balanced magnets keep the lightweight damper in place when the unit is not venting dryer exhaust. The magnets effectively seal the unit, preventing snakes, lizards, birds and other critters from getting into the damper, while also reducing the drafts that typically enter your home through the vent. This vent provides no back air-flow restriction.

Aesthetically pleasing, energy saving and safer for your family – as we see it, that’s quite a return from what is often one part of a project that is taken for granted. Call Palmer Custom Builders today to learn more about this innovative new product and to bring this level of care and attention to every detail in your new custom-built home or home remodeling project.