New bay windows installed by Charlotte, NC home renovation contractor

Courtesy of Pella® Windows and Doors: ThermaStar by Pella® 25 Series vinyl bow and bay windows are available with a variety of glass and grille options to match existing windows.

Over the past few years, many Charlotte folks have been putting bandages on minor home repair issues to get them by until their personal economies recovered. We’re finding that one area where homeowners are definitely looking to improve their outlook is their windows.

That’s because many older Charlotte homes have windows that are simply inefficient. In the latest cold snap, many homeowners could feel the cold air pouring in through cracks in frames and weaknesses in aging caulk. When that happens, you are allowing cold air in winter and hot air in summer to seep in through your windows, and watching any energy savings you should be reaping go up in smoke. But the issues go far beyond weaknesses in the frames. Over time, the glass itself simply fails to be as energy efficient as it once was. In fact, if your windows are more than 15 years old, the glass is probably in dire need of an update.

How can you tell? Drafts are one key and obvious way to tell, but there are others. If you begin to notice fading of furniture, fabrics, walls or artwork, the UV protection on your windows may be failing. If your home seems noisier than it used to be or the glass is more difficult to get and to keep clean, it can also be a sign of failing coatings or weaknesses in the glass. If your windows look foggy, milky or have visible moisture between the panes of the insulated glass, it’s time to change out the glass. Oftentimes, if the existing window frames are strong, we can replace just the glass itself for an affordable and quick upgrade or we can replace the sashes with a remodeler sash-pack. A sash-pack is just the upper and lower windows without the fixed jamb (the window’s structural support found along the top and sides of the framing).

Of course, if your home still has single-pane windows, if its mechanics – the ease with which its opens and closes, its locking mechanisms, or other operational issues have failed – it’s time to replace the entire package. Other reasons to change windows are for functionality, either ease of cleaning or to gain more up-to-date access features like tilt-in capabilities. Finally, consider aesthetics: new windows can gives your home’s curb appeal a substantial upgrade.