In this era of reality TV shows and new home improvement networks that pop up seemingly every day, you may be thinking your renovation or new construction project is worthy of being immortalized. At Palmer Custom Builders, we think so, too! That’s why we keep a detailed photo record of every project we undertake.

While it will, thankfully, lack the drama that often goes hand in hand with many of those television shows, what our photo records do reveal is exactly what we have done at every step of the process. We capture everything from detailed before pictures to demolition, every aspect of the systems that go behind the walls, the walls themselves, and then the finishing touches that make your house a home. This digital record comes in handy for long-distance clients, as it allows them to feel connected to every aspect of their project even when they’re far from home. It’s a great help for business travelers, allowing husbands and wives to easily and efficiently make joint decisions when one or both is away from home. Since clients are busy and are not on site to see every little occurrence, the step by step photos give them a completely different and comprehensive perspective on the work that has gone into their home. It gives them a comfort level that the people they have entrusted with their project are doing exactly what they promised.

It’s also a convenience for our own crews in the field, all of whom have camera phones. When our tradesmen are on a jobsite and have a question or run across something unusual, they can easily communicate with the office, other contractors, vendors or suppliers and get instant access to answers and advice – saving you time and money. Since our photos are taken with high-resolution professional digital cameras that capture every detail, we can easily enlarge them on big screens back at our office, allowing our staff to see the details that make a difference as they are planning your project.

As helpful as these photos are during a project, their real beauty shines months or sometimes years down the line. Since we keep a library of all of our projects, our clients can call us years from now and be assured that we’ll be there to assist. Want to redecorate and hang new pictures, but don’t quite remember where those electrical, gas or plumbing lines were run in the walls? Thanks to our photos, our clients can know for certain that the next nail they put in won’t rupture a line. More importantly, when they are doing their next project – whether that’s renovating an adjoining area of their home, wiring for the latest technological innovation, or anything else that might come up, they can see exactly how the area we worked on was framed, insulated, engineered, what’s behind the walls, etc. It’s a huge time, labor and money saver! In the end, you’ll have a beautiful home and a photo record of the project that will be gratifying to look back on for years to come.