It might sound counterintuitive, but if you want to save money on your next Charlotte home renovation project – you might not want to do it yourself.

It might sound counterintuitive on the surface, but if you want to save money on your next Charlotte home remodeling or home renovation project – particularly if it’s a complex project – you might not want to do it yourself.


Because the more moving pieces and parts to your project, the more likely you are to save time, money and aggravation by hiring a qualified professional remodeler. While you can eliminate labor costs on small projects by doing it yourself – if you have the skillset to do it properly – the intricacies of large projects make a qualified professional remodeler nearly indispensable.

Take a medium-size project like replacing a laminate floor. You might think you are saving money by scooping up what seems like a great deal on flooring at a warehouse store or online, but if the product you order isn’t the best product for your particular application, you may be redoing your project sooner rather than later. Add to that all the “stuff” that goes into the project – like trim molding, transition pieces, underlayment – and you could easily wind up paying too much for the right accessories or getting the wrong products. Add to that the cost of any tools that you need to buy to do the project correctly, and finally, don’t forget your investment of time.

Plus, since you don’t do this everyday, your project might not come out as picture-perfect as one done by the pros. For example, with the installation of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (like those shown here), skilled trades will make certain that all cuts are tight to the wall, corners and door frames, leaving no gaps around these visible areas. On a side note, projects like the sheetrock shown here are almost always best left to pros for a seamless look. A professional will make certain sheetrock is finished off with clean corners, no waves in the walls and with a nice, smooth finish. These projects look far easier to do than they actually are. Homeowners who try rapidly learn to appreciate and respect the skills it takes to do these type of projects and others, and opt to leave it to the pros who do these every day to complete projects efficiently and beautifully.

In fact, one home improvement site recently did a survey on flooring projects and found that respondents who did it themselves added nearly 14 hours of time and an average of $829 to the costs of their projects.* That’s a fairly high cost on a proposition that is supposed to be benefitting your bottom line.

When you extend that to larger projects – like a kitchen remodel or a bathroom renovation – both the challenges and the price of mistakes loom even larger. That’s because a professional remodeler has the expertise to know which products work well in certain applications, the experience to know what has worked in similar projects in the past, and the connections to bring in the right tradespeople to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Does that mean we’re saying never do things yourself – of course not! If you have a passion for painting, by all means knock out that living room refresh. If you are handy with electrical projects, switch out that ceiling fan. If you have a knack for plumbing – tackle that garbage disposal replacement or faucet upgrade. Just understand that the more complex your project is – and the further outside of your comfort range – the more likely you are to benefit from bringing in a professional to save you money, time and aggravation.

*A survey conducted by