Bathroom remodleing with European Wet Room from Trending Accessibility

Bathtubs are all wet!

When was the last time you actually took a bath? If you are like most Americans, the answer is probably not that recently. Day in and day out, showers are by far most folks’ preferred method of daily hygiene maintenance – primarily because they are quicker, more convenient, and use less water.

Many existing homes, however, were designed and built when shower/tub combinations and showers with high curbs were the norm. That’s an aesthetic issue – since homeowners desire more graciously sized, open showers – and a safety concern, as more folks contemplate how to age in place in their homes.
One innovative product we will be using when remodeling and renovating bathrooms is the European Wet Room from Trending Accessibility. This is the same type of curbless shower system that has been used in healthcare facilities for at least three decades, but it’s been remade to be right at home in style-conscious residences. The customizable system can be used in a shower of any shape or size – just about any configuration that you and your bathroom designer can envision.

The system begins with a series of curbless pans that replace the bathroom’s existing subfloor and are positioned directly on the floor joists. A drain (either a standard square or a contemporary rectangular option) is then set into place. Finally, a waterproofing system comprised of tape for any joints topped with a waterproof membrane is applied to the entire shower. Then, the tile installer simply tiles over the entire system as they would when tiling any shower.

You can use any type of tile in any pattern that your design calls for – from traditional to cutting-edge contemporary. The options are limitless – as are your choices when it comes to enclosure materials. We’ve seen frameless glass, partially tiled walls, or even open designs in large spaces.

One of our favorite applications is actually outside the bathroom. It involves placing the system in the corner of a laundry room or garage to create an open pet “car wash” that eliminates the need to lift pets to bathe them.

Whether you want a more updated look or a more functional space, a European Wet Room may be the perfect, cost-effective solution for your bathroom remodeling project.

By Gary Palmer
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