7 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovations

Is your home in need of bathroom remodeling, but your budget and schedule don’t have the bandwidth to support a major project?

The good news is that when it comes to bathroom renovations, there are some quick fixes you can make that will result in major improvements in how your bathroom looks, feels and functions on a daily basis.

No matter which of these budget-friendly renovations you choose, remember that it’s okay to ask for help. While painting may be your forte, plumbing and electrical work will be more involved – and you never know what you’ll unearth when you begin to look behind the walls of your bathroom. Remember that you can always enlist the help of Palmer Custom Builders to bring your project to life.

Here are seven of our favorite bathroom quick fixes:

1. Paint

While it might not be as sexy as a new soaking tub or larger shower, a fresh coat of paint can help your bathroom feel like a relaxing retreat. To maximize your budget impact, don’t splurge on expensive tile. Instead consider painting a focal wall (like the wall above your tub) a dramatic deep or bright color. You’ll gain major impact for a minimal price. Alternately, consider adding a small row of dramatic tile and painting above or below it. Even expensive tile can be affordable in small quantities.

2. Molding

Another inexpensive update is trim work. Adding crown molding or decorative woodwork can artfully create an upscale, craftsman, or even Victorian feel in your bathroom for a relatively small investment. A careful combination of paint and trim work can fool the eye into thinking that you have a wall of expensive woodwork when it’s really some inexpensive trim molding and paint.

3. Lighting fixtures.

Updating your lighting fixtures is one of the simplest ways to make a dramatic improvement – particularly if your fixtures are dated. While there are unlimited choices out there, if you want to do this on a budget (without patching or redoing drywall and using the existing wiring, etc.), carefully measure the wall footprint of your existing fixtures and select new options that are the same size or slightly larger if your space permits to avoid any chance of old paint peaking out around the edges. Have more budget left over? Then consider some lighting upgrades. Recessed canned lights or automatic night lights can improve visibility, safety and functionality.

4. Faucets

Believe it or not, faucet technology has come a long way in just a few short years. New water-saving features can reduce your utility bills and your environmental footprint. Touch-free technology has plummeted in price, and temperature control features are available to increase safety. Aside from function, forms and finishes have dramatically improved, with more styles available in more finishes that fight fingerprints and water stains to make cleaning a snap.

5. Commodes

Yes, changing out a toilet can make a difference in your bathroom. Opt for one that is approximately two inches taller than the old standard; it can make a huge difference in accessibility, particularly for those looking at aging in place options. Water saving features here can make a huge difference as well, and flushing mechanisms have greatly improved.

6. Storage

Adding a place to properly store all of your things can make your old bathroom feel like an entirely new space. Consider an inexpensive medicine cabinet that mounts outside or is recessed into the wall or a piece of furniture designed to add storage around a commode or in an unused corner.

7. Cabinets

One of the most costly aspects of a bathroom can be its cabinetry. Instead of replacing dated cabinets that are still in good physical shape, consider refinishing them. Adding a new coat of stain or paint can update your look without breaking the bank. If your vanity is past saving with a coat of paint, there are options for replacing it that may not break the bank. Turning a charming old chest of drawers into a vanity is a choice that is on trend right now. If you like to DIY, you can scour local Habit ReStores or thrift shops for the perfect dresser, refinish it yourself, then have a licensed plumber handle the hookups for you. If the thought of DIY leaves you cold, many stores now offer affordable combinations that may include a furniture style vanity, sink, countertop and faucet for less than you would pay for the individual items. Although, it’s very important to keep an eye on quality if you opt for one of these combinations.

By Pam Palmer
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